Week 2 Truvision Health trial

As I mentioned last week, I am trying the supplements of Truvision Health combination truFix and tru WEIGHT AND ENERGY.  I am doing a no holds barred evaluation of these products as I am true skeptic of these types of things but I am willing to give it a chance based on some claimed results of some close friends of mine.  So here goes for week one.

Weight – 227 – net loss of 1 lb.

Waist measurement – 46 1/2″ – net loss of 1 inch

I have changed nothing in daily routine so far.  I’m still eating the same diet I was before however I will admit that my evening snacking has been reduced in that I’m just not as hungry.  I would also say that I’m eating somewhat smaller portions at “some meals” as well.  Since I am starting week 2 as of today, I think the real test begins now.  Since this was also my first week back at work, I naturally eat more consistent diet because I have always brought a lunch.  My wife is actually in her 2nd month and I would say so far her results have been “less than encouraging” but we are giving it another month and see how it goes.

Stay tuned as get to the end of next week and report the results.  TruVision Health is a fairly new company and still growing so some exciting possibilities here if the products work.  Onward we go!


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