25K Training Begins For The 2013 Fifth Third River Bank Run!

3.5 Mile fitness run

Once again I find myself in a very lazy position of not posting for a while.  Has been a very busy fall and now that we are heading into December, I am hoping things will fall back into an even pace as we march on towards Christmas.  I have but a week and a half of work left before I start my vacation that will take me through until Jan. 3rd, YES!

I can’t believe it 25K training time again already.  Time flies when you are having fun.  The 2013 training guide has arrived in the mail so that means I have to stop being lazy and start getting serious about my running again.  Looking forward to another year of running and in January it will be time to get the running team back together.  It is sounding like we may have a number of new 25K running candidates for this coming year, including my wife.  Yes you heard it here first!

We went out for a 5 mile run last Saturday and ended up doing 6.2 miles which is a 10K distance.  That’s what she was planning on doing in the Fifth Third River Bank Run in May so I told her since she’s already now done a 1oK , she might as well go for the “big one”.  She so far has agreed and I’m so excited for her.  My oldest daughter is also planning on the 25K this coming year again.  She blew out her knee just a couple miles from the finish line the year before I ran my first one so we’ve never run the race together.  Don’t know if my younger son will be running again this coming year but I’m planning on it and now all we need to do is get his wife on board and we’ll have a family affair for sure!

Next week is my quarterly well check at the doctors.  My labs all look good and other than the fact that I have about 15 lbs. to get rid of, everything is looking good!  Weight should get dealt with now that training is beginning again.  Cholesterol, sugar, and all other test results look great too.  We are headed down to Disney in Florida for Christmas with all the kids and grand-kids and I’m getting excited to go.  Should be a great time!

Till next time and keep on running!


8 Mile Fitness Run 10/28/12 – Fall has arrived!

8 Mile Fitness Run 10/28/12 by wm8c at Garmin Connect – Details.

Boy have I been lazy about keeping up with my posting!  Had a very busy summer in a lot of different ways and just simply haven’t been doing my due diligence of keeping this up.  Enough of the excuses and on to today’s posting!

Had a good run this morning and it was the first time I’ve gone 8 miles for a few weeks again. Archery deer season is full underway here in Michigan and have spent much more time in the woods than running on the roads.  There are two more weeks of bow season before the start of the regular gun season which I don’t do so time is now of the essence to get venison in the freezer before then.

My wife Astrid has started running a little bit a couple months ago and I have been spending some time running with her too.  Her pace is a bit slower than mine but is improving and it’s fun to have someone to share a run with now and then.

My health weight is pretty much status quot which is good as this is the time of year that putting on weight for me is real easy to do with time spent in the woods vs. time pounding the pavement for runs.

Have a great day and stay on track with all your health and weight goals and the old you is always just “one pound ago”.  Till next time!