3.4 Mile Fitness Run 1/10/13 by wm8c at Garmin Connect – Details

3.4 Mile Fitness Run 1/10/13 by wm8c at Garmin Connect – Details.

Well vacation has ended and we had a fantastic time but now back to reality and 25K training.  Our trip to Florida and Disney with the kids and grandkids was a total success and was even more fun that we imagined it would be.

We have all been fighting with the flu since returning but I guess that’s the price you pay for exposing yourself to 1000’s of people both in the parks at Disney and flights to and from Florida.  Can’t seem to get rid of the chest and head infection part of this one.  I had my flu shot so didn’t get the worst of the symptoms but all the other crap still showed up with a vengeance.

Now that we are back it’s time to pick up the 25K training as even though May 11 seems like a long way off, it will be here before we know it. My wife is still committed to running the 25K this year and we have done 7.5 mile Saturday run together but we will have to start picking it up from here.  I am really excited to do this with her so I am hoping our training goes smoothly from here on.  That is also going to be our 34 anniversary so it will be a doubly special day!

Health is good and need to loose about 15 lbs. which now that the holidays are past I can concentrate on doing again.  Till next time!

25K Training Continues – 7.5 Miles Was The Goal Saturday And Was Met

3.1 Mile Training Run 12-18-12 by wm8c at Garmin Connect – Details.

What a wild week it has been!  Last week Tuesday I flew into San Diego for a quick trip into Tijuana Mexico to review a couple of machines our company is purchasing and back again on Wednesday.  I was very careful to avoid places that I might come in contact with sickness but evidently I wasn’t careful enough because on Friday evening I came down with a cold anyways! Drat!  Now here it is Tuesday and I’m still fighting it off.   I have never tried Zicam before but decided to give it a try as a “chicken soup” remedy in that that if can’t hurt and could help.  Their claim to fame is shortening the colds duration.  I’m on day 4 of full blown cold so we’ll see how it goes as you normally kick a cold in 7 – 10 days.  If it’s mostly gone at 6, I’ll give it some credit, if not, well then “chicken soup” :)

Managed to get in  7.5 miles of training run with the wife on Saturday and another 3.2 miles in today so at least we are staying on schedule for that even with my cold.  Don’t think I could have gotten in 7.5 miles today so luckily that was Saturday’s run.  My wife is doing really well.  She usually does the run we made today around 37:50  minutes and running with me to help pace her, she was close to 36:20 today so well done!  She’s capable of 33 over that distance as she’s done it before with me but I don’t want to push her too hard as it’s a long way to May and the 25K and lots of time to build on speed as we get into spring.  For now it’s just “survive the winter” mode.  We haven’t had much snow that looks to be ready to change this week.  We are scheduled to fly out on Friday to Florida for a week of fun in the sun with our kids and grand kids at Disney World.  We have a full week planned and assuming that we don’t get delayed at the airport with the impending high winds and snow Friday morning, all should be well.  This is going to be a long winter I fear with the late start again but time will tell.

I had my quarterly well check with the Dr. last week and all is good except that I found an extra 5 lbs. that don’t belong to me since I saw him last.  My LDL and Triglycerides were a bit elevated but not severe or out of control, just higher than my normal.  I’m not concerned with 25K training having commenced already and it will come back off nicely as long as I don’t let our week vacation turn us into “diet idiots” which shouldn’t be the case.  We are planning to keep up with the training runs with we are there and they will then also include our oldest daughter and maybe even our youngest son so we’ll see how that goes.  You know what they say about best laid plans :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you out there on your own weight loss journeys! Success is yours if you let yourself have it.  Don’t procrastinate and get started today if you haven’t already and if you have, let me know how you are doing?  Till next time!