Losing Weight The One Pound At A Time Way – Why It Works!

These days, there is always a desire to do everything fast.  We are always on the lookout for the next shortcut, we feast on “fast food”, we want results “now” and that includes weight loss.  I am a firm believer that if you follow that particular method for weight loss, that it will not end up being a permanent weight loss as it doesn’t solve the root problem and that is the eating habits we have developed throughout our entire lives.  We didn’t get “fat” overnight or even in “6 week”, so why do we think that we can loose the same fat overnight, or in 10 days, or even 6 weeks?

The point is, if we really want to have effective and permanent weight loss, it will be necessary to change the way we think, the way we live, and most importantly the way we eat if we want to be thin for the rest of our lives and stay that way without having to be on the “perpetual diet” plan of the latest fad.  If you are interested in diet fads, you can find them anywhere on the internet, but if you are interested in becoming a permantly healthier new you and staying that way, then read on.

I can recommend 10 diets that will work to help you loose weight fast.  They will in fact help you loose the weight fast and whether you choose low fat, low carb, high metabolism, or the water diet, they all work!  Yes they do…everyone of them will help you loose weight and fast if you so desire.  The problem is, what happens then?  If you don’t stick with your diet and exercise plan, before you know it, you will be back to being over weight and unhealthy.

You have to create a new “you” to be successful in the long term with regard to weight loss.  You will very seldom find me promoting any one diet over another, besides the fact that I prefer “lower carb” diets and they work for me and I talk about them more often than others.  But…that’s not really what I’m promoting to loose weight.  When you’ve been obese for most of your life, you know that there is more going on than simply poor eating.   A lot of the problem we suffer is in our heads.  I don’t meant to say that we are all head cases and have some deep seated childhood secret behind our weight problems (although some do), but the fact is, we are a lot like smokers

We are “addicted to food”.  We think we can quit anytime, but we can’t.  When I quit smoking, it was a 30 year habit.  Even though when I did finally quit, and I did it cold turkey, it took me years to become a non-smoker.  These habits don’t go away in weeks or in some cases even months, but often can take years to change.  So what does all this babble mean that I just spent 15 minutes writing anyway?

Nothing more than this…set realistic goals and persue them with regard to weight loss.  In the beginning of this post I stated that I support one pound weight loss and I do.  Setting a one pound at a time goal is very manageable for anyone.  If you can reach your goals, your chances of success will multiply with each goal you hit.  By not stating that you will “loose 45 pounds in 6 weeks”, which is difficult for most obese or severely overweight people, you give yourself a chance to succeed.  We all can loose say “one pound per week” with minor changes in eating habits and adding some small amount of exercise.

This will put you on the path to successful weight loss.  You will begin slowly and with small successes see yourself improve on a regular basis.  This promotes an eventual change in habit and thinking that will be important to your long term weight loss goals and maintaining that weight loss without feeling like your being starved or missing out on something.  One pound at a time you become healthier and thinner and before you know it, “one pound ago” you were very obese or overweight, but you not anymore!

Here’s all you need to start:

Get yourself a food log – computer based or otherwise.  If you can’t afford one, use something like Fit Day or Spark People.  You need to know what your daily intake is in order to be successful.

Set you weight loss goal – one or two pounds per week is recommended

Choose you eating plan – notice I didn’t say “diet”.  You need to decide how you want to eat as you will need to do this for a long time and it needs to be something you can literally “live with”.  Doesn’t matter if it’s low carb, low fat, or what ever, but find something “you like”.  It must have lots of fresh foods in it and a serious reduction in “processed foods”.

Set your exercise goal – yes, you will have to get off you butt and do something.  Start with something small if you are extemely over weight or obese, 10 minutes of walking at what ever pace you can handle, but find something.  You can add more later, but start some where!

These four simple steps will start you on the path to success.  You can do it, just one pound at a time.  Get your head around the fact that this process is permanent and will takes months or even a year or more, but you will start to change the way you think and behave towards food and exercise to be successful.  You can do it.  Let me know how you are doing here on this blog now and then.  We can celebrate your successes together.

Update:  As of today I am 200 lbs. with a 34? waist.  I have maintained my exercise regimen as it was with a 3 – 4 mile walk or run every day, with 10 minutes on the weight machine every other day.  My daily diet intake is budgeted around 1500 calories per day plus 350 to 450 calories earned in exercise for a total of around 1900 per day.  Current daily carb intake is around 180 (began with about 90) with most carbs from fruit, nuts, and vegetables

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