I’ve Been Overweight My Whole Life

So have I.  I have thought for years that being overweight was just the way it was going to be.  You know what I think now after almost 5 months of working at this?  I’ve been convincing myself of a perpetual lie all along.  Now that’s not a surprise for most of us that are overweight, but admitting that often is.  I honestly thought that I didn’t need the exercise, and that my big boned pre-disposition meant that I would be at this weight forever, no matter what I did.  I had “fat genes” and I was always going to be fat!

What I’ve been learning through the last five months is that I do need exercise and that I actually liked it as I started to increase my efforts and saw some small results.  I was of the “biggest loser” mindset in the past, thinking that I had to be losing 5 – 10 lbs. a week in order to be successful.  How wrong I was.  Patience is not one of my virtues and the only thing I’ve regretted about my current weight loss path is that I didn’t do a better job recording what I looked like and my measurements when I started.  Being now half way to my goal of 185, I wish I had better record of my progress.

Now that I’ve started on this trip with a goal of “one pound per week” and slowly changing my eating and exercise habits, I find that I’m excited to lose the weight and it seems very well in reach “in due time”.  Because I have been learning to eat better and that I need to exercise daily, I find that if I miss a day, it feels “wrong” and I “need” to keep up with the routine.  That’s probably been the most successful thing for me this time around, is that this is becoming a life style and not something to do just to lose weight.  I actually “feel good” when I finish exercising and I can’t remember the last time I felt that way when it came to exercising. 

Give me all your excuses…I’d love to hear them.  Let’s talk about them and see if you can convince me that this isn’t for you!  Get started today and lose the weight.  Remember, being thin is only “one pound ago”!

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