Why Do I Need Exercise To Lose Weight?

To be honest, you don’t!  What did he just say?  What do you mean “I don’t”!? 

You can lose weight without exercise but I definately wouldn’t recommend it.  The key to any weight loss method is simply burning more calories that you intake on any given day and you will lose some amount of weight.  If sitting around on your lard laiden bottom is what you choose to do, and you choose a diet that is extremely low carb, you’ll lose some weight.  I did that once and it worked for a while.  So why wouldn’t you just skip the exercise and move on?  Simply put it’s not good for you!  Your heart is a muscle.  Muscles need exercise and if you don’t exercise it, it becomes weak and will eventually fail you.  How many people do you know living well with heart failure?  I kind of thought so!

Even if you start small, it’s better than nothing.  When I weighed in a 275 lbs., walking up the stairs was a major challenge for me without getting totally out of breath.  Start simple.  I began walking at a very slow pace (about 3.0 mph no inlcine) for 20 minutes on a treadmill.  I slowly built up from that to where I now walk anywhere from 3 – 4 miles a night at a pace of about 4 miles per hour.   I able to do that at my current weight of 236 and it gets easier all the time.  My ultimate goal is to be able to run that distance eventually but my doctor told me to save my knees at my age and stick to the walking so we’ll see.

The point is, do something.  Start small.  I know how hard it is when you are very over weight to want to do anything at all, but you must!  Add to it as you go.  I promise you’ll feel better eventually and it does get easier.  I’ll talk more about that later.  For now, get going and let me hear your stories and progress on this blog!

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