Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect. First day running since spending the week in Florida warmth, not pretty at all and I wanna go back! Boy have I been lazy about doing updates here on this blog.

A lot has happened since I last posted.  Last fall I found out my left carotid which the one I had surgery on 17 years ago had completely failed and was 100% occluded now.  We obviously missed the train on that one and I thank God everyday for still being here and not having had a stroke that I am aware of.  Through that time I also found out that my right carotid was 95% blocked and in November I underwent surgery on the right carotid which is now open again and functioning normally.

I will be seeing both a vascular guy and my surgeon in April and May and I have lots of questions to ask regarding the future and what we do next to prevent further damage.  Obviously the statins have not helped that I can tell as I am still having issues.  Some newer reports are even showing that statins may not be all they are cracked up to be.  I am in process of losing about 20 lbs. as I had also gotten lazy about my running (was not able to run for 2 months after surgery) and to some extent my diet but I am back on track and down 5 lbs. so far.

I now call myself a walking miracle as how I’ve gotten here without a major stroke or death is beyond medicine and in my opinion only through the grace of God am I still here to write this and I thank Him everyday for it!

Onward we go!

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