25K Race Complete And All Goals Met! Astrid Finished Her First 25K!

115685-681-036fThis years run was fun one for me because my wife who had never run before last summer agreed to train for and run a 25K with me this year.  We had simply set a goal to run the best race she could in whatever time that would be with a goal of keeping her at or under a 12 minute mile pace for the race and that was a total success!  She finished in 3:05:09 which was way better than expectation.  She never really hit a wall before the 13 mile mark which in the past she had always hit around 11 – 11.5!  Even at that, she recovered fairly well and finished on the run!  So proud of her with this accomplishment.  I only hope I can convince her to go on for a second and more!

We have been extremely busy with our home embroidery and printing business which has made training a fitness maintenance more challenging but for the most part we are maintaining the schedule.  On Saturdays we are running at least 6.2 miles to maintain some distance endurance but now all we will be doing is maintaining fitness and training for a  couple more 5K’s as the summer progresses.  She has some time goals for them and I know she wants to beat her personal best of 32:52 on a 5K this summer.

My health is maintaining fairly well and not further weight gain has been experienced.  I actually lost about 8 lbs. leading up to the 25K and intend on keeping that trend up through the summer.  Calories in, calories out, simple formula and just have to keep enough running in the exercise plan to balance everything out properly.  Cholesterol continues to be at good levels and no issues with diabetes continues.

Till next time!

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