12.5 Mile 25K Training Run – It’s The Wall!

12.5 Mile 25K Training Run – It’s The Wall! by wm8c at Garmin Connect – Details.

Today was a new distance record for my wife Astrid at 12.5 miles. She hit her wall at about 10.5 and was dropping fast. We got talking about her trusting her body and not what her mind was telling her and once we got her heart rate and breathing back under control she finished out the run just fine! So proud of her! She listened to her coach and got through.  My wall was getting through the “I’d like to kill you right now look” that she gave me when we were talking about the mental wall vs. the physical one but she did it and finished out strong at the end.  I told her she could quit at 12 and she gave another .5 miles! She’s a very strong girl once she gets her mind around it :)

I am seriously in the mood for spring here! Tired of running in sub freezing temps and ready for some golf time too! Bring on the warmer temps, I am so ready!

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