11.3 Mile 25K Training Run 3/9/13 by wm8c at Garmin Connect – Details

11.3 Mile 25K Training Run 3/9/13 by wm8c at Garmin Connect – Details.

Had pretty good weather for a run today. Wasn’t too cold but miles 3 – 6 were directly into the wind which is always tougher mentally and physically but Astrid got through it ok. She finished stronger today but is still fighting with pain in her left foot just behind here toes which doesn’t help. Next week is the Irish Jig 5K so no long run planned for next week.

My wife is progressing well in preparation for our anniversary 25K run together! She is fighting the common physical and mental challenges I did the first time I ran one too and the doubts in your abilities that come with that.  She’s tougher than she thinks she is, I just have to convince her of that yet.

Next week is my quarterly visit to my doctor for all my diabetic and cardiac risk profile evaluations.  My labs are already back and everything looks good.  We upped my Crestor back to 10mg  because I just didn’t like where my LDL was hanging around the 100 mark.  I want to keep it around 70 and it seems to be working.

I ended spending a night in the hospital two weeks ago with “heart attack like” symptoms.  I took an extra aspirin and tried just ignoring it for about 4 hours but when  they didn’t go away we decided it was best to go get checked out.   When I got to the hospital my BP was 195/105 which is just wild for me and it didn’t come down much after being there for an hour.

They decided to keep me over night and had a stress echo the following morning before they released me which I passed with flying colors so as of this point we are not sure what happened but I know it wasn’t much fun.  Other than that, all is great and God continues to bless our embroidery and screen printing business and it continues to grow nicely.

Until next time! Spring is almost here so get out there and do some exercising and get on with your own weight loss journey! The old you is just one pound ago!

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