10 Mile 25K Training Run Week 10 – 3 Deg. Above Zero Today!

10 Mile 25K Training Run by wm8c at Garmin Connect – Details.

Amazing what a weather roller coaster it’s been for the past month and after receiving another foot of snow this week and reach zero for a low temperature last night, I’m hoping that soon we will be on the downhill slide towards spring.  Not only do I desire some warmer running weather but I’m anxious to get started on the golf season too!

Today’s run with my wife was very cold but uneventful for the most part.  Knee pain plagued Astrid the last two miles but I think that was as much an effect of her getting tired as much as anything else.  As she tires, she changes her stride and that seems to contribute to her pain.  That’s I need some warmer weather so I pace her better.  Running in snow and ice isn’t her favorite but she’s been a real trooper so far.

Came down with a fever in the middle of the week for no good reason that I find at the moment.  Seemed to have some inflamation in my lower jaw but the dentist said it wasn’t an abscess so not quite sure what caused it.  Was shivering to death and then had a 100 deg. fever which broke around 2 AM and I felt fine in the morning, enough to go to work anyway.  On an antibiotic so hopefully will kill what ever it was.

Next month is my quarterly diabetic and cardiac check up so we’ll see how I am doing.  Weight is remaining steady but considering I need to drop about 15 lbs. yet, that’s not a good thing.  I’m hoping as the training for the 25K continues, it will take care of itself but in the end, I need to like Blue Moon a little less and that would speed up the process I’m sure :)

All the best to everyone and I hope you diet and exercise goals are being met!  Walking and running are still two of the easiest weight loss exercises and almost anyone can do it!  I did it and lost 80 lbs. and have continued to live a much healthier life style so you can too!  I haven’t had blood pressure medication, diabetes medication, and only a small dose of a statin in Crestor since losing the weight.  Just think about the money you could save on prescriptions if you address the issue now.  Go for it!

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