3.4 Mile Fitness Run – Gotta Love Winter Training

3.4 Mile Fitness Run 1/24/13 by wm8c at Garmin Connect – Details.

Well January is going out with a vengeance with temps with lows near zero and highs barely in the teens.  We have seen about a foot of snow since last week so we are making up for some of the lack of it earlier this winter.  That still leaves us officially in a drought but has to be a small help.

My wife and I have been fighting flu since before Christmas.  I got my flu shot but she did not and I will say most of my symptoms have been less severe than most of hers but the duration has been about the same.  I don’t think I remember a severe head and chest infection like this that has lasted into 5 weeks and more.  I even managed to get strep throat just as I was getting rid of the rest of the crap I had…ugh! Finally went on an antibiotic to kill the strep so hopefully it kills the rest too.

All of this has made our 25K training difficult to say the least but I have Astrid generally on track with where we should be and this Saturday will be a 9 mile run.  I am working on her stamina right now and not worrying too much about speed but I am hoping that lung function will be better this weekend than we have had since before Christmas.

We have about 4 – 6 more weeks of potentially cold and snowy weather to train in before we can expect some reprieve.  You know what they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!  I expect to get a lot stronger between now and then :)


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