Where Do I Start My Weight Loss?

For years I kept asking myself that question, and for years I never lost the weight.  In fact I just continued to gain weight.  My best suggestion?  Don’t do what I did and wait until you are told that you are no longer a “borderline diabetic” but a full blown “diabetic” to do something about it.  You will find that I won’t recommend one diet over another, but that I am in preference of the “low carb” lifestyle of diet.  I won’t say it’s the best thing out there and I also won’t say that it’s right for everyone, but it’s good for me, I can stick to it fairly well, and for me it works, especially when you are still trying to get your excercise levels to something more than a 10 minute crawl each day.

I had done Atkins and South Beach diets before, and I lost some of the weight, but these types of diets are only good so long as you stick to it.  Most of us think we can go on a diet, lose the weight, and then once we are at a weight that we think is manageable, just go back to our old eating habits and the weight will stay off!  Wrong!  Healthy eating habits are a life style change.  Physcologists have said that it takes nine months to change a habit for good.  It has something to do with spending nine months in the womb and thus everything in life relates to that nine month period none of us remembers in order to make a life style change with regard to diets, excercising, or quitting smoking, all of which I’ve had to learn to do.

I don’t buy into the nine month thing but I do buy into the fact that every permanent change we make in our lives requires “time”.  It took me three tries to finally quit smoking after 30 years.  Five years later, I still “want” a cigerette, but I changed my life style in a way that no longer includes smoking, thus I don’t do it anymore.  The same goes for losing weight and eating properly.  It may take months or years to do it properly, but once junk food and bad eating habits are no longer part of your life style, you can become thinner and stay that way.  More to come my friends. 

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