8 Mile Fitness Run 7/28/12 – Getting Slower!

8 Mile Fitness Run 7/28/12 – Getting Slower! by wm8c at Garmin Connect – Details.

Well I survived another 8 miles today but it seemed like 15!  I am severely out of shape and need this heat wave to break so I can get in more week day runs. I have been avoiding them as I simply deplore running in 90+ degree temperatures! I end up feeling so exhausted that I don’t enjoy them hence I find myself not doing them which is not good.

I’m not disciplined enough to get up at 4 AM everyday to run in the mornings which would be the other option but then I’m falling asleep at 8 PM in the evening and I don’t like that either so I end up not running at all which isn’t good because as much as I love to golf, it’s just not enough exercise.

Today is screen printing day and I get to make my first screen printed shirts so I’m looking forward to trying that shortly after a good shower.  Life is good at the moment and God blesses us and our home business daily.  We continue to be very busy at work (I am a process manager at Lacks Enterprises in Grand Rapids) and looks to be very strong for the year ahead as well.

My health is good which I can only thank God daily for because by many accounts, I could have been very bad off or dead by now with the health issues I had and have now beaten due to running and healthier eating.  My type II diabetes remains under control without medication and I am still only on very low doses of cholesterol medications at this time.

See you soon and stay healthy!

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