7.5 mile Fitness Run 7-21-12 – Time to get back in shape

7.5 Mile Fitness Run 7-21-12 by wm8c at Garmin Connect – Details.

Finally got a bit cooler morning for a run at around 60 deg. but this will be about the only one this week. Humidity coming back up tomorrow so need to enjoy today.  The run went ok and it definitely reminded me just quickly I get out of shape if I’m not running regularly.

The deer flies are still vicious if you stop at all so it’s best to stay away from the trails and shaded areas right now.  I found as long as I kept moving they weren’t too bad but when I slowed for a drink they swarm you immediately like the fresh meat you are!  I seriously can’t imagine what it must be like for deer and other wild life when it comes to the deer flies and mosquitoes! It must be crazy in the woods at night without off!

Otherwise my health is doing well and no big changes in anything.  Still taking the same meds, blood pressure still great, lungs holding up good all things considered and cholesterol still under control. Life is good and God blesses me everyday with health and goodness.  I find myself thinking about career change a lot lately so I’m hoping this too will pass and it’s just a side affect of cranky employees from working in the heat.

We’ll see as summer moderates into fall where it goes I guess.  I think part of the issue for me is a lack of exercise. There is no question that I deal much better with stress when I’m getting regular exercise vs. the sporadic routine I’ve had with this heat wave so we’ll see how it goes.

Have a great weekend and may everyone be blessed in reaching their own health and fitness goals!

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