13.1 Mile 25K Training Run by wm8c at Garmin Connect – Details

13.1 Mile 25K Training Run by wm8c at Garmin Connect – Details.

Ken Bailey and I had a great run today on the actual 25K course. It was 55 deg. most of the morning and with the clouds it didn’t feel too warm for running that way either. Ran the entire 25K course minus the downtown portions but I’m sure Ken now has a much better feeling for the course to mentally prepare for the big day!  Mental preparation for this run is just as important as the physical is!

This is the same with losing weight. Most people fail because they aren’t prepared for the mental challenge that lies ahead. It’s not easy for us to shed our bad eating habits and even for me 3 years later, I still fight with myself and not using the excuse that now that I exercise I don’t have to be all that careful and while that may be true on a day when I run 13 miles, it’s not an option on the 3 mile days and you have to be sure you don’t run into your old friend “over eating and over indulging”.

I am working very hard this year to not peak too soon for this race.  I am sticking with the training program and not over training but hopefully still getting in sufficient training meet my goal this year.  I would love to make a new personal best and for sure to beat last years time.  I lost 10 minutes last year when I hit my wall and just never seemed to recover as well as I needed to after the fact.  I am hoping now that I’m becoming a more experienced runner that I will pace myself better for a strong finish.

How are you doing with your diet and exercise routine? Are you sticking with it and losing weight? Are you still only targeting 1 or 2 lbs. a week to keep it manageable?  I hope you are and please let me hear how you are doing!  Good weight loss to you all!

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