25K Training Week 9 – 11.25 miles and Hill Work!

Today’s training run was a different route than I normally run because I wanted to get some hill work in as the 25K route has few good sized hills on it and I need to get my lungs ready for it as well as the mental preparation.  Often if you hit a wall on your long runs it’s due to as much of mental phenomenon as it is to the physical side of being prepared.  I know for me, it’s often difficult when I’ve knocked out 8 or 9 miles and then are faced with a big hill.  Just looking up it can be defeating so at least for me, that’s why it’s important that I get in some hill work during my training just to remind myself of how it feels.

My weight loss back to a comfortable 195 lbs. is progressing nicely and I’m down to 204 lbs. again so about 9 more to go.  I should be real close by race day which was my plan since January.  Having lost 100 lbs. before, you’d think it would be easier this time around to drop just 20, but actually it’s not.  I have never really lost my good eating habits but at one point I relied very heavily on my exercise to offset the extra calorie intake. After I injured myself and couldn’t run as often every week, I forgot to readjust my diet for the reduced exercise.

Now that I’m nearing 200 again I can also feel the difference in my runs as my energy is better and today’s run was more on a competitive pace for me.  I say that because my “competitive pace” is but a jog for most but staying under 10 minute miles for me is always the end goal and I’m well on the way again to meeting that goal.  Today’s run pace even with the hills was 9:47  so getting to my 9:30 pace again is very doable.

The plan for this years race is for me not to peak too soon.  I always seem to have one really good run about 4 weeks before the race and then on race day, it’s just never there. I’m trying to keep my mileage down a bit more this time around and hopefully I get that peak to be on race day this time for a change and not a month before but we’ll see.  Next week is supposed to be a 12 miler again and then week 11 is the 14 miler which is the longest run before tapering for me.

With all that said, life is good. Weight loss on track, training on track, and life in general is “on track”.  Hopefully your weight loss and fitness journey is doing the same. Let me know! I want to hear how you are doing along the way.  The fat and unfit you is just one pound ago!

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