Choose To Be Thin Not Fat – Weight Loss Advice

If you are obese and like it, you need not read further.  If you are an obese person and want to do something about it, read on.  This post is going to be more of a reality check than a how to as I normally write, but I think an occasional reality check helps us to stay focused on our own path. 

I had a conversation with a co-worker the other day that was depressing to say the least.  I could hear myself from a year ago in this conversation and it almost made me mad.  This person shall remain nameless but I’ll give you his current stats.  He’s under 40 years old, 5′ 6″ tall and weighs 265 lbs.  Has all the usual obesity problems like high cholesterol and glucose intolerance as well as the usual fitness issues.  Now this falls in on the scale of where I was and what I consider to be extremely obese, and probably just shy of entering the morbidly obese stage.  He commented on the fact that he noticed how much weight that I’ve been losing and wondered what it would take for him to do the same.

My comment to him was simply, “the will to just do it” to take a quote from a well known company.  He went on to tell me all the things that prevent him from loosing weight and why.   Not a good idea!  If you’re wanting to make excuses for something, it’s probably not the best idea to tell someone who was really good at making them before you, and I was a master at it.  If you want to fool yourself that’s fine I guess, but don’t fool with someone that’s been there and done that.

The first question I asked him was how he felt his overall diet habits were in regards to healthy eating.  He stated that he felt that never “ate too much” and that he made good food choices, but he couldn’t imagine surviving on a 1000 calorie a day diet.  I stated that I couldn’t either and never have and that in fact that I averaged about double that on the diet I now follow.  I saw that he had his lunch bag behind him and I asked if we could look through his lunch to see what he had in there which he happily agreed to share with me.

The first thing he pulled out was a “Hot Pocket” which he quickly pointed out was a “Lean Pocket” at 250 calories and not all that healthy.  His second item was a fruit cup in heavy syrup at 100 calories.  Next he pulled out a 2 oz. bag of potato chips at 320 calories.  He also pulled out a cereal bar which stated was dessert at 233 calories.  Grand total?  903 calories for just lunch!  I promptly explained that he needed to find the side of the store with fresh items and lose all the “processed foods” if he were serious about loosing some weight.  I also asked about his dinner and breakfast and they were just more of the same.

I told him he should look at substituting his morning “breakfast bar” for bowl of whole grain cereal and stated that he didn’t have time or would have to “get up earlier” which he didn’t want to do.  I then suggested that he have an apple or banana for breakfast which he can eat “on the go” like his breakfast bar, but he didn’t like fresh fruit (the canned stuff in heavy syrup was ok though). 

I then asked about exercise.  He admitted that he is very sedentary and then went on the explain that even a little walking hurt his hip.  I suggested that he take an aspirin before his walk but he was convinced that wouldn’t help.  He gets around the office just fine and is not physically impaired just for the record, it just “hurts to walk”.  Well duh!

At this point I could see where he was heading and that was down the path to full denial of his situation and having antything to with the fact that he’s fooling himself.  Yes I thought that I ate good, and it hurt to exercise, but you “just have to do it”.  As I’ve always pointed out in my writing, I don’t care what diet you follow as long as it works for you but find one!  A diet full of processed calories is not good for you nor will it promote weight loss.  I suppose if you want to exercise 2 hours a day, you can eat like that, but be real about it and make that exercise commitment if you choose to do so.

I hurt badly every time I exercised in the beginning.  My muscles hurt, my bones hurt, and my head hurt, but it gets better with time.  Start with a little and add as you go.  I still hurt when I exercise but I now revel in the thought that I hurt becasue I’m doing something good for myself!  Just do it!  Never starting means never finishing.  I now have a new challenge at work and it’s working to try to get this guy in a healthier mode.  Maybe I’ll suggest a short walk at lunchtime to get him moving to begin with.  I’ll suggest a couple of diets for him to look at as well and I already suggested a food log so he can see what he’s eating. 

The math for losing weight is really simple.  You have to burn more calories than you take in to lose weight.  Regardless of your diet, be it low fat, low carb, or low whatever, you have to burn more calories than you eat.  That’s the simple math no matter what.  Commit today and share your stories here.  I’d love to hear your stories so share them with us.   I want to hear how you were less healthy or less fit just “one pound ago”

Update:  As of today I am at 205 lbs. with a 35 inch waist.  Weight loss regimen is now an average daily walk or jog of 3.3 miles.  I continue to spend 10 minutes on the weight machine immediately following my walk but currently every other day and ending with 40 sit ups on the ab lounge.

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