Irish Jig 5K run. Race Time Temp 65 degrees!

Irish Jig 5K run. Race Time Temp 65 degrees! by wm8c at Garmin Connect – Details.

Well all things considered, this had to be the best Irish Jig I’ve ever ran in and it had nothing to do with the time I ran it as it was only average for me at just under 27 minutes but I can’t remember in 50+ years a March 17th temperature of 65 degrees at 9 AM in morning and heading for 80 degrees for a high this afternoon.  Global warming, climate change, natural progression of weather, not sure what to call it but I’m loving it!

Had a good visit with the doctor this week and received my usual good bill of health report from him while I was there.  My cholesterol looks great as usual and my type II diabetes remains fully in control with diet and exercise which I’m loving!  That has made my now 4 plus year journey worth while.  I’m healthier at 50 than I was at 35 for sure.

Training for the 25K now continues and even kicks into high gear as we move on to the biggest 25K event in the US held in May.  This coming weekend will be the 12 – 13 mile run.  I’ll keep that pace up until 2 weeks before the race when tapering begins.  That means I have a lot of hard work to do until then and I can’t wait.  My Achilles held up OK today and is not yet severely sore after this mornings run so no real harm done that I can tell.

Weight loss is progressing fine and still losing about a pound a week so I should make my sub 200 weight by the 25K if I stay on track with the diet and exercise.  Using MyFitnessPal on my smart phone to track my calories and it works extremely well and is easy and convenient to use.

Have a great weekend, I know I will be!  18 holes of golf on the plate for tomorrow!

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