Mid-Summer Running Health And Running Update

I just realized that I’ve been extremely lazy about my blog posts and figured I’d better get an update while I was thinking about it.  It’s been a very busy summer so far and extremely hot to boot.  We are setting heat and humidity records here in Michigan like so many other places and even have hit some new rain fall total records in July for our area.  Last week saw some rain days where it was coming down at rates higher than two inches per hour!  Humid dog days of summer are here for sure!

Last update for me was just before the Fifth Third 25K.  We ended up with great weather that day. It was overcast and the rain let up just before race time so we even got to stay dry this year!  Not so for the 5 and 10K’ers though as both of those races went off in a downpour.  Due to my leg issues, I ran the first 7 miles at a much slower than normal pace and got  some great chat time in with a couple of co-workers that were also running the race.  About 7 miles in I sped back up to my usual pace and somewhere I around 12.5 – 13 miles I once again hit that same wall I did last year.  Got through it no problem but finished the race seven minutes behind last years pace which just about accounts for the first 7 miles I ran with my co-workers so I’ll take it.  Another successful 25K under my belt!

Surprise of surprises for the 5K, 10K, and 25K races at the Fifth Third this year was in the team stats.  We had entered 5 -7 man teams in all 3 races and we ended up taking 2nd place in the 5K, and 3rd in both the 10K and 25K team events! We couldn’t believe it but with the scoring system used and placings based on age divisions, we did quite well.  We recieved individual medals for each team member and a nice glass trophy for each team event. So cool!  We were ecstatic!

I’m still maintaining my weight but I have cut back on my running for the summer somewhat and dropped to about 3 runs per week, keeping my weekend runs around the 5 mile mark.  It’s just too darned hot for me to enjoy running in 90 deg. plus temperatures.  I should probably get out my bike and make up the difference with that but I have been walking with my wife when she’ll go out.

Just got my blood test results back today for the latest round of my quarterly check ups.  I restarted my Crestor at 5mg. doses in May because I didn’t like my numbers in April and I figured with the long race for the year out of the way, I could stand a little muscle pain if it returned.  So far so good.  It’s been very minor to this point and I’m hoping it stays that way as my cholesterol numbers were much improved with Crestor back on board.  My LDL dropped to almost half of last quarter so for me, the statins do work well as long as the muscle pain doesn’t get severe again.

We added DTG printing to our embroidery business last month and started to work on selling that now as well.  You can see some of what we’ve done in both embroidery and direct to garment printing on our website at http://www.astridsembroidery.com.  Have a great week and tell how you are doing with your own weight loss journey!

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