Time To Taper And The Shin Splints Are Back

I finished my 15.5 mile training run yesterday in about 2.5 hours so I’m on pace for a sub 2:30 run come race day in about 5 weeks.  Now that is not fast but my goal is simply beat my first 25K time from last year of 2:36.  From here on out, my weekend runs will taper down by a mile or two each weekend so my legs will have a bit of healing time which is sorely needed right now. I hadn’t taken Ibuprofen since this time last year for shin pain but that’s where I am now again. I’m starting to think I may be allergic to Aleve also as the last two times I’ve taken it, my hands started itching horribly! Note to self, no more Aleve!

One thing I’ve found interesting is that my shin splint problem has switched legs. Last year, all of my shin pain was in the right leg with just a little soreness in the left shin. This year it’s been the opposite. My left shin is having the severe pain and just a little tenderness in the right. The only thing I altered from last year is that I stopped running with the Super Feet inserts when I bought my new shoes in January. I’m starting to think I may need an insert in my left shoe and nothing in the right. This might be something to experiment with going forward.

I’m still a few weeks away from my next doctor appointment to see what the increased dosing of the Niaspan has done if anything for my cholesterol. I’m guessing that it won’t be enough by itself and we’ll be exploring other additions that are non statin based to help. I haven’t had an issue with the excessive muscle pain since stopping the Crestor so I guess that is no longer an option, at least for now.

Another thing I need to keep a close eye on is my eating habits. Over the past 3 years I have been fairy consistent in making good food choices but of late, I notice at times I’m falling into some of my old habits and that is making choices that aren’t always healthy. Now everyone now’s I preach that you have to allow yourself a treat now and then, but be careful. As with me, it becomes too easy at times to say to yourself “I can just work off the extra calories so it’s ok”. While that is true, if I get back into old eating habits and all of a sudden find myself injured or for some other reason not able to exercise, I could be in serious trouble.

Don’t lose control! I am saying this as much as a reminder to myself as to anyone reading this. We have to continue to remember the things that got us here and follow those rules. I still follow a mostly low carb diet but I definitely have added so carbs into my diet that can cause those sugar fluctuations and cravings that I once fought so hard with and caused my type II diabetes to begin with.  Don’t lose control. Even though the new you is just “one pound ago”, the old you can quickly be the same.

I surely don’t know where spring has gone this year but there is nothing normal about the past 3 months even for my favorite state of Michigan.  Lows in the 30’s this past week and highs only reaching the upper 40’s and an occasional 50 has been the rule. We should be reaching low 60’s by now fairly regularly and we aren’t. In some ways it’s been nice for running as it’s still warm enough to run without extra outerwear but still too cold to want to work on gardening chores and the like.  I’m hoping that change is close by now!

Till next time…

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