April Has Arrived – 25K Is Now 6 Weeks Away

April has finally arrived but I can’t say spring has arrived with it at this point. Ran 13.4 miles yesterday as my weekend training run. I ran into my usual mental wall somewhere around the 11 mile mark as usual. Since discovering GU and Chomps last year, I know can at least get through the physical aspect of the fatigue that sets in when you hit those points where you body just isn’t yet prepared but it doesn’t do as much for the mental aspect of it.

When your brain realizes that your body hurts, it tends to go into a protective mode and says something like “ok stupid, you have now abused me enough so stop”.  No amount of GU prevents that so that’s where you have to dig down deep and find that extra strength to keep going even when you body says “enough”.  Obviously the more you train, the better that gets. I remember very well hitting those points when I would run 3 miles and here I am doing 15 miles and more just two years later. Training and in my case lots of prayer :O)

Running for me becomes spiritual. It’s a great time to spend with God and in prayer and just allowing the days or weeks care to roll off. Getting through the first 5 or 6 miles is easy as you mentally release all the thoughts and cares you have.  For me, it’s when you have sorted through all those thoughts that I start realizing that I’m out here running and going to be doing so for anywhere from 2 to 2.5 hours with little breaks that it gets tougher.

That’s where the GU comes in. It helps keep your energy levels up and at least you can ignore some of the fatigue your body starts realizing it’s feeling.  What I learned the hard was last year was that if you don’t feed your body as you run, the fatigue sets in really fast. Using supplements like GU or Chomps just provides that little extra boost your body needs when you are burning calories at the rate you do when you run.  I usually use one GU packet 15 minutes before I start my run, and then I eat 2 -3 chomps every 3 5 – 45 minutes during my run. This helps me maintain a more consistent energy level and helps fight the fatigue my legs start feeling about 5 miles in.

Been having a ruff week with heart palpitations again and I still can’t explain why they come and go as they do. I still think caffeine has something to do with it but I also think there are other factors at work. I guess I will be bringing this up with the doctor when I see him again later this month. I’m guessing my cholesterol numbers will be high again due to lack of  a statin in my system but we’ll see what the blood tests say when the results come in.

He upped my Niaspan to 1500 mg a day but based on what I know of my own chemistry with regard to cholesterol, I’m betting it won’t be enough by itself.  Enough for this week…if you are working on losing weight or controlling your diabetes and cholesterol, I’d love to hear your stories. Sharing with others is a great way to keep them motivated and moving forward. I’m still living proof that you can loose weight, control your diabetes, and any number of other health issues with proper eating and regular exercise. Get going today and start your own journey!

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