Where’d Spring Go? 25K Training Update

Well another week has passed and boy what a change in weather since the Irish Jig 2 weeks ago! I ran the 12 miles to where I work yesterday as my weekly 25K training run and by the time I arrived at work my remaining 2 water bottles had frozen and my beard, mustache, and hat, was full of ice! 2 weeks ago I was running in my shorts and no coat! It was only 17 degrees when I left the house yesterday morning which even in Michigan for March is very COLD!

Oh well, it can’t be too far off now at any rate and I look forward to it. I have become weary of the the cold and snow this year which I will simply blame on coming up on my 50th birthday in May.  These older bones and joints prefer a little more warmth than they have had during the last 4 months of winter.  The Robins are totally confused as all of a sudden their food supply is stuck under frozen turf again (they eat a lot of worms and bugs) and I don’t know what they are eating at the moment to be honest.

Any ways…my training plan appears to be working so far with regard to protecting my shins and the “minimalistic” training approach.  If you recall, I have scaled way back my mid week runs to primarily 3.5 mile runs with the Saturday run being the one that is stretching out in mileage each week. I am also keeping with only 2 -3 runs during the week instead of the 5 – 6 days of running per week I did last year which destroyed my shins by May and June.  So far so good. I ran 9 miles the day after the Irish Jig which I paid for the next couple of days with shin pain but by Wednesday, they healed enough for another run.

If I learned anything last year, it’s to listen to my body when it comes to pain.  My legs will tell me when it’s too much and so far if I listen to them, I don’t foresee I’ll have to spend months in physical therapy to recover later which in my opinion never really worked anyway. In the end, rest from running was the cure.  I find it a bit discouraging in that I have had to admit that I will never be a faster runner but as long as I stay focused on the fact that I do this to stay healthy and because I enjoy it, I’m OK with that now.

They say we have one more week of cold weather before it’s going to break at least so we’ll see if we can shed the outer clothing by mid month maybe. I read another article about a pair of brothers (both less than 21 years old) that opted for surgery to lose weight. I found that to be depressing. I realize that some people due to simple inability to be able to get up (only the most obese or have other physical ailments) can exercise but if watching the biggest loser has proven anything, it’s that the “majority” of overweight people can lose the weight if they chose to without destroying your digestive tract or stomach to accomplish it.

Next time you go to a public place, especially a restaurant, just look around you for a minute. Count how many people are trim and fit and how many fall into the over weight and even obese category. It’ s depressing really! I bet you’ll see that same thing that I do.  More than 50% of those people will fall into that category and it’s extremely sad.  That used to be me! It can be done.

It’s not easy and I could in a minute go right back to being really fat if I chose to. I still like to eat, no love to eat, and it would be no problem at all to go back to sitting on my butt and getting fat. Choose not to be that person! Anyone who can walk, even a little bit can do this. Exercise and proper eating will work for you too! Don’t wait but start today!  Get off you butt America! There is a life away from the TV and the computer but you will need to go outside or the gym to find it.  Lose the processed foods and eat healthy. Notice I’m not saying “go on a diet”, but I’m stating…eat healthy, control your portions, and get up off your butt and you’ll lose weight.  I promise…see you next time!

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