Spring is here and onward with the 25K training!

We’ve had a couple of beautiful days in the past two weeks with temps reaching into the low 50’s once or twice. Most of the snow has now disappeared except for a few stubborn banks left over from the two late February and early March snow storms we had. The red wing black birds are back and I’ve seen Robins everyday last week. Even smelled the first skunk of the year which is a sure sign that spring has arrived.

We are expecting snow again mid week but you know, I don’t care because I know it won’t last anymore and soon we’ll be seeing the green of the trees returning. Ok, well maybe a month for that yet but I saw the maple sap collection bags being taken down last week already so spring is here!  We also just bought six new Barred Rock pullets to start replacing our aging flock of hens as eggs production is waning slightly now as they enter their 3rd year of laying.

It’s been a interesting  couple of weeks with my health as my heart palpitation issue continues to bug me and there seems no real rhyme or reason to what triggers it. I really thought the caffeine was the biggest culprit but even on caffeine free days it has occurred and I can’t really explain it other that it continues to be very discouraging and frustrating while it’s happening.

I’m still training for the Fifth Third River Bank Run 25K and it’s now only about 7 weeks away till May 14th which is the big day. My run last year left me disappointed as even though I finished the race, I was over my 2:30:00 goal time by about 6 minutes. This years goal remains the same as last with that being the mark. This year seeing as though it’s my second try at this distance I think I will be able to keep my head and make sure I don’t get caught up in the “race day fever” I did last year.  I have been keeping my pace steady and working on finishing stronger instead of going out fast and dying at the end.

Yesterday was the first 5K of the year for us which was the Spectrum Health Irish Jig. It had about 5000 participants our corporate running team finished 21st out of 54 teams so not too bad all things considered.  I ran a 26:17 which was a personal best in that race for me but considering I ran 6 miles before the race and did a 27:36  last year, I’m not sure how good it really was lol!

Anyways, onward and upward. I’m still keeping my training routine minimalistic in nature to protect my shins for the time being. I did 12 miles last Saturday, a 5K yesterday and a 9 mile recovery run today so going good so far. My calves still seem to want to fight with me as today for the first mile, I really thought doing 9 miles just wasn’t going to happen. Luckily after about a mile the cramping let up and the rest of my run went as scheduled and I managed a consistent 10.1 mpm pace the rest of the way with an average of 5.8 mph. A little slow but good for me considering is was a recovery run.

That’s it for this week. Still using my Garmin Forerunner  and Fuel Belt religiously and I rely on the data from the Garmin Forerunner to guide my preparation for the big race.  If you are just starting on your own personal weight loss or exercise improvement journey, find it within yourself to stick with it. One pound at a time. That’s all it takes, is just one simple pound at a time. You can do this too!

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