Getting Ready for the 2011 25K in May. Fifth Third River Bank Run Grand Rapids

Boy have I been lazy about making my blog updates lately. I realized that I have not posted for over a month and I have so much to share! Updates on my doctor trips, running status, etc. I guess life just got in the way this past month and I decided I’d better catch up with my readers again.

I made my usual quarterly trek to the Doctors office in late January and my numbers aren’t where I want them to be at the moment. Unfortunately there are a couple of reasons why. In my last post I mentioned how I was struggling with 5 mile runs and needing to see the doctor about it. I did that. He set me up for a stress test with echo to see how my heart is functioning and I guess in the purest sense of the word, “I passed” my stress test. All that meant really was that I wasn’t immediately wheeled down the hallway to have stents installed or have my chest cracked open for bypass surgery.

What it appears has happened is that my body has finally decided it’s had enough of the statins in my Crestor (and Lipitor before that) and it was causing the majority of my muscle pain and overall inability to get through a decent run. At first it didn’t make sense to me except for my calf pain but the more I thought about it, my heart is also a “muscle”. I guess the pain I felt in the rest of my muscles could as well have been affecting my heart muscle too.

At any rate, I have now been off my Crestor for about 6 weeks and most of the “unexplained” muscle pain has alleviated itself. Unfortunately, now my cholesterol numbers aren’t great as my issue is as much genetic as it is diet (don’t forget, I had carotid artery surgery and a bypass at age 37) and as I approach my 50th birthday, I need to keep my numbers in control. The doctor has upped my Niaspan to 1500mg per day and we’ll see what that does in April when I see him again.

I have started preparing for the Fifth Third River Bank run on May 14th as of January. I am taking a little different approach this year over last to see if I can avoid the injuries I suffered from over training last year. I am running less times per week to see if I allow my body more time to rest in between runs to heal if I can get through this without having to avoid running the rest of the summer after the race due to severe shin pain.

I am currently keeping my every other day runs to about 3.5 miles and my last weekend run was 8 miles. This weekend the goal will be 9 miles. I will be posting more regular updates as I train to let everyone know how I’m doing with progress. I need to increase my weekend runs to 12 miles before the end of March so I’m ready by race time. My first 5K is March 16th which is the Irish Jig and the official opening to racing season here in west Michigan.  Not expecting anything special from myself on that run but looking forward to it none the less.

Stay tuned for more updates and live healthy. Get out there and do something/anything to improve your health. You won’t regret it and the healthier new is still just one more lost pound away. Weight loss happens one pound at a time but they add up. Get started on your own journey today!

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