Onward To New Year With A Positive Attitude!

Just got back from a very cold 5.1 mile run. Spent most of my run fighting with my own mind about my current health status and abilities. I seem to have found an old enemy that I thought I had since long left behind which was doubt in my own capabilities. I seem to be right back where I was about 18 months ago in my head with regard to running longer distances. I will have to keep an eye on myself as I go forward as I can’t ignore everything either only to discover other health issues have cropped up.

I was watching the news last night and they were talking about a 36 year old young man who keeled over dead for no apparent reason. It turned out that he had an enlarged heart and that’s what killed him. He appeared to be very healthy, exercised regularly, and now he’s gone. When they started listing off potential warning signs for various heart conditions and issues that a person could have, I found myself taking note of some things I definitely need to discuss with my doctor when I see him next month.

The one that concerned me the most was about someone that was running 5 miles and now struggles to run 1. I’m not that bad off but I’ve gone from being able to run 10+ miles without too much struggle to not being able to get through 5 miles without stopping here and there to catch my breath and let my calve muscles relax a bit. Definitely worth a mention anyways. It doesn’t help that I’m carrying 15 lbs. more weight than I should be and that will be the main goal over the next month, getting rid of that excess weight again.

I think it’s time for me to go back to a lower carb lifestyle again as I know I have more energy when I eat that way too. I haven’t totally veered from eating that way but I think I’ll concentrate on reducing the bread and potatoes some again as well as other things I’ve eaten that I probably shouldn’t. It’s possible that my diabetes is giving me issues and since I don’t currently monitor my sugar daily, I don’t really know what my levels are at a given time. Another question for the doctor I suppose.

With New Years Eve right around the corner, I have no plans to indulge this year in the festivities away from home so no big worries about excess sugar intake from alcohol anyway. Much easier to keep to a glass of wine or a low carb beer at home for sure! Looking forward to 2011. I don’t like the sound of rising gas prices though as that had a big hand in triggering this last recession we’ve been in and if people have to start putting more dollars in the gas tank instead of the retail stores, we could head back there again and that wouldn’t be a good thing!

Happy New Year to everyone! May you reach your weight loss and fitness goals during the coming year whatever that may be!

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  1. Hello Friend, hope you are find and doing great now! In the past years I had had some stressful time in my life but I am now a 6-time champion of P90x in various forms. I’m nothing genetically special. I just chose to do something great for myself and allowed nothing to get in my way of pushing play everyday. I firmly believe anyone can accomplish what I have and I help coach others to their own physical transformation success story.

    Look forward hearing your success stories/experiences since the beginning of 2011!

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