How To Fend Off Weight Gain On Thanksgiving – Run!

Most of the United States will be celebrating Thanksgiving today which means lots of food and lots of overeating.  The way to avoid this is moderation and portion control. Thanksgiving is just one of those days where over eating seems to be the call of the day! Tons of prepared goodness just waiting to be swallowed! Then we all sit around the rest of the day snoozing off our Tryptophan poisoning and gain weight we’ll regret the next day.

So how do I plan to avoid this? First thing is not to over do the amount of food cooked. We are feeding 12 guests today and even though we won’t want to run out of food, I don’t want to have to worry about sending bowls and bags of food home with everyone afterward, except maybe for turkey. This year I kept the number of rolls down per person and we’ll make sure we don’t make more than two small potatoes for each person while preparing the favorite mash of everyone. Only one bowl of bean casserole to go around too.

I did however splurge on the pies as one can of pumpkin make two pies and I haven’t figured out how to save half for another day as you can’t freeze pumpkin pie. The key here will be to cut thinner slices and make sure that I stop with one (well maybe two) and just “walk away”.

The other tool to fight this is to RUN! We started a new tradition last year that I hope to keep going for a number of years into the future and that is to RUN! We will be participating in the Gazelle Sports Gobble Wobble again this year which is a 4.1 mile run around Reeds Lake. It’s not a timed event but just a good time to get some exercise in on Thanksgiving day to help fend off the good food later in the day! This run should net around 650 calories burnt so if I succumb to that second piece of pumpkin pie, I can do so with a little less guilt!

I’ll be running this with two of my kids and my hope would be someday to do it at least once with all 4 but that would be a Thanksgiving to remember in the future as two will be missing again this year but there is always hope!

I am so thankful to God for so many things! A good job, great kids, the best wife in the world, and a good place to call home and share it with them. I also am thankful for my new found health that will allow me to run this morning!  My type II diabetes remains controlled and my high cholesterol as well.  God has surely blessed me in this life and I thank him everyday for all these things and my prayer is for another year just like it ahead!

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