November Diet & Exercise Update – Getting Ready For Thanksgiving

Well another year has gone by and here we are again at the holiday that most dieters fear, Thanksgiving. It’s one of those holidays where good food abounds and it’s so easy to over indulge, over eat, over do simply everything! But it doesn’t have to be. You can get through this time without destroying your diet if you just plan ahead a little.

For me, it will start with a run in the morning. I have as I did last year, signed up my younger son and oldest daughter to run with me in the local Gobble Wobble which is a 4.3 mile run around a local lake here near where I live. That’s going to be about 600 calories banked in the morning to offset that piece of pumpkin pie I intend to enjoy later in the day with a good football game!

That’s one way to help not blowing your diet but the other is simply eating smart and not overeating. Years past, I would fill my plate as full as I could as all my favorite dishes made it’s rounds of the table. Since then, I have learned portion control. I still plan to try everything that passes my plate but it will be in much smaller portions so as not to totally blow my girlish figure. You can do this too.

Another tip to avoid over eating is to drink a couple of 8 oz. glasses of water about 10 minutes before the meal. This will help induce an artificial feeling of being fuller before you start which will also make it easier to keep down the portion sizes of all your favorites as they pass by. One last obvious tip is when taking your portion of turkey, make sure you avoid that crispy golden brown skin that you always give in to. Then you can have an extra bite of pie without guilt!

Went to see the doctor for my quarterly update last month and all is going to plan. Due to not being able to run most of August and September, I gained about 7 lbs. Evidently the calories I burn from bike riding don’t work as well for me as running does.My cholesterol numbers are looking better again since adding Crestor back into my regimen. However, the past week or so I’ve been noticing the muscle pain again and I’m going to adjust down to 5 mg from 10 mg  again to see if it helps.

My total number dropped back to about 140 from 190 with the meds but if I hurt all the time, it doesn’t do me any good for the running. I’m hoping to find a median between my cholesterol numbers and the muscle pain somewhere. HDL was 56 so still looking good and LDL not bad either. My diabetes is still being well controlled with diet and exercise so hopefully that trend continues as well for many years to come.  I was also diagnosed with low T back in March and the treatments for that are working well too. My mind is back on track and feeling sharp again and the wife’s not complaining either.

Till next time! Let me know how you are doing with your own weight loss journey and what successes you may be having.

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  1. Thanksgiving can be tough on people who are watching their weight because of all the great food. As much as you would like to avoid feasting on turkey, pumpkin pie and all of the other good foods in your holiday feast, the temptation will always be there. The best thing that you can do, therefore, is to have a taste of everything, just make sure it’s all in moderation.

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  2. I agree completely Gale! Small portions and simply allowing yourself to indulge a bit is definitely the best course of action. There’s no point in not eating a little desert as you just end up in a bad mood anyway. I used to think you had to avoid everything but as time goes by I have gotten a little smarter than I used to be. Worst case, I’ll have to go run an extra mile or two on Friday to make up for it.

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