Shin Splint Healing Progress – Released To Run Again And My Addiction To Running

It’s been a very long couple of months trying to heal my shin splint problem but I finally reached a point of being able to run with no or minimal pain in my shin. I don’t understand the physiology of my problem entirely but for the most part it comes down to fact that when I run, I stress my tendons and my muscles in such a way as that they rebel.

While I’m not fully healed, my therapist released me to start running again with taping on my right foot and ankle to support my abductors which I’ve done for the last two weeks now. The first few days went really well in that there was zero pain when I ran with the tape. At this point now 2 weeks later, I wouldn’t say that is still entirely true but more that I can run comfortably with minimal pain nothing much residual the next day. Starting this weekend I will be running without taping to see how that goes.

I have been running an average of 3.3 miles a day, 4 days of the week and a longer run on Saturday. The first week was 6 miles, 7.5 miles last week, and this week if it still feels good I will be shooting for something in the area of 8.5 to 9 miles. I’m not running fast at this point but managing a pace of 6.5 mph when I do. Every time that I’ve tried to push the pace, the pain returns very quickly in my shins so for the moment, speed is my enemy!

I’ve come to understand that the term shin splints is a very unspecific term to describe pain in the lower leg and general “shin” area.  Some people seem to experience the pain in the front, some on the sides like I do. When it’s aggravated it feels like my bone is bruised. I can’t think of a better way to describe it. The tissue gets tender and the muscle gets week, but for me, the bone simply hurts to touch it. I’ve had x-rays and been checked with a tuning fork and no fractures have been detected so it appears to just be a deficiency of mine in combination with running.

So where to from here? I don’t yet know. I now know that I’ll never be competitive with running because of this problem but that doesn’t mean I can’t do and still enjoy doing what I can. Running is an important part of me now and is also part of what I need to do to maintain my weight loss and overall heath and fitness. I’m not ready to become a “gymbie” but if that’s what it comes to, I may have to consider it if all else fails with the running and healing. Could be a long winter but we’ll see what God has planned for me as I move forward.

I will continue to research shin splints and try to be sure I’ve not missed something and if anyone out there reading this has some ideas, I’m open to hearing them here on this blog so please chime in!  Till next time…remember that just “one pound ago” you can leave the old you behind and embark on a weight loss journey to improve or even save your life.  Start today!

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