Shin Damage And Physical Therapy

I have now been in physical therapy going on 3 months for my shin problem. I had been trying to maintain some level of running ability as I healed but since that was not working, I have now had to stop running entirely. I have now not run so much as a mile in over 2 weeks. I am using the bicycle as my source of exercise in a last ditch effort to heal this problem.

At my last appointment, I was re-evaluated from top to bottom to see if they’ve missed anything and one new item of interest they’ve discovered is some issues with the way my foot impacts and rolls with the impact when it contacts the ground. I have a mobility issue in my right leg and foot that doesn’t allow for proper movement when walking or running and they thought now is because I seem to compensate for that movement that my shin may be taking the brunt of compensation, hence the pain that just won’t leave.

I endured a treatment last Wednesday that I must say was one of the most painful things I’ve felt in a long long time! My IT band hurt so bad the following day, I thought I’m never going back to the place.  I struggled through a painful bike ride the following day. Amazingly enough, as of today, that has healed again and it feels pretty good at the moment so I guess I’ll continue to follow this line of treatment and see where it goes.  I so want to run again and if enduring some pain to get there is necessary so be it, but I better see results soon!

On the other fronts, my overall health is good. I have another 30 days to get my latest cholesterol and diabetic checks done and see where I’m at. If you remember from last check up, my cholesterol numbers had increased a bit. They were still below the levels that are considered “normal” but with my history and arterial disease, normal is not good enough. I asked the doctor to put me back on Crestor at 10mg and so far my bout with the muscle pain I had last time has not returned.

With fall coming, I need to be running before the weather turns too bad and the bike has to be put away so I’m hoping that this new direction and staying off the leg for another few weeks will get me to that point. I was able to run for over two years so I have to believe that I can get back there some way, some how.  I miss running badly!

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