Weight Loss and Running

Boy have I been lazy about updating my blog lately. Summer is into full swing (hot, humid, and generally oppressive) and coupled with a two week vacation out to Yellowstone National Park equals lack of blog updates for me. Unfortunately I feel almost as lazy about my weekly running tasks.

I continue to be plagued by injury to my lower right shin. I have been put on hold for the time being with the Physical Therapy and have had an x-ray performed on my shin but nothing was found again. As the doctor put it, the bone looks smooth and no spurs to indicate previous healed injury either so at the moment, I have no explanation as to why it hurts and continues to swell after running. How frustrating!

I’m still running about 3 – 4 days per week but only shorter runs of about 3.4 miles per event. My endurance has suffered greatly since running the 25K this past May, between the injury and now the heat of the day. I have always found it difficult to run in anything more than about 70 degrees and we’ve had more than 20 days in July above 80 and looking at the 8 day forecast, there is no end in site for the moment.

Had a great time on our vacation but ended running on the dreadmill at whatever hotel we ended up at during our trip for the most part. I did however get a chance to run outside the evening we arrived in Cody Wyoming. They had a cold front go through and it was only about 50 degrees that evening and I couldn’t pass that up for a nice run. I quickly learned about running at altitude that evening!

When I left for my run I never thought about the fact that we were basically in the mountains at the time and left for a 4 mile run. That coupled with the fact that the 2 miles out was basically on a slight downhill slope which meant the 2 miles back was a slight “uphill slope”, made for a very hard run. I couldn’t figure out why I felt so out of breath and exhausted when I arrived back at the hotel until I looked down at my Garmin Forerunner and saw that I was above 6000 ft.! My lungs weren’t quite ready for the thin air for sure!

I’ve been maintaining my weight successfully but I’m finding it more difficult to “just say no” to certain snacks and that needs to be controlled. Last thing I need right now is head back towards diabetes or weight gain and that needs to be controlled. I see the doctor next week for my quarterly cardiac risk profile and diabetic panel checkups so we’ll see how I’m doing and report all back here.

If you are just discovering this blog, go back into to the archives and join me on my journey from fat and unhealthy to thinner, healthier, and almost no medications attained through diet and exercise as “yes it does work”, as long as you are willing to work! Don’t wait and start today!

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