Weight Loss Fitness – The Continuing Road To Success

I have been at this diet, exercise, fitness, get healthy kick for about 9 months now.  I must say that at this time I feel better than I had for many years.  This past week I had my blood drawn for my quarterly checkup for my cardiac risk profile as well as my blood sugar status to see how my type II diabetes is progressing.  I am hoping to see two different things this time around with my blood tests, which I will report back on next week after my visit to the doctor to get the results.

I have been very diligent in my weight loss diet and fitness exercise and even though I’ve hit a bit of a wall in weight loss these past weeks, I have still been able to take another notch out of my belt and currently have been staying consistent with my exercise routine.  I ended arranging my schedule to do my exercise before I leave for my daily hunting trips, which seem to be working great so far.  My main goal was not to gain any weight during hunting season with my tighter schedule and so far I have managed to meet that goal and even still lose a pound last week.

I am hopeful that my diabetes is now fully controlled strictly through the  diet and exercise plan that I have been following for these many months now as I have no desire to start taking medications for diabetes control.  I don’t like the idea of their side effects and I really feel at least in my case, that I’m not yet too far gone down the diabetes path to return.  With a little luck, I’m even hoping to heat that my glucose intolerance condition is improving as well.

The other thing that I am very curious about is my current cholesterol levels as this will be my first time without any cholesterol medication what so ever since my carotid artery and bypass surgery 10 years ago.  I’m honestly not expecting any miracles on this front and fully expect to be back on some level of cholesterol medication following this appointment, but I am hoping that can be at very reduced levels.  If you remember in some of my early posts in this blog, one of my problems with cholesterol is hereditary and unfortunately no amount of diet and exercise will overcome that fact.

If you’ve followed me on this journey, you also will be aware that during my last visit to the doctor for my quarterly blood draw, it showed evidence of a possible side effect to use of statins and that is causing your muscles to break down.  My blood tests last time around showed protein in my blood which can indicate the occurrence of that condition which was the main reason for taking me off my cholesterol meds for the last three months to see how things look without them.

The timing was great because at my current fitness level and weight loss, I felt it was the perfect time to re-establish my baseline without medication.  Please don’t think me strange for being excited to talk to the doctor and get my results for all of this, but I’m extremely interested in how the commonly recommended advice of the doctor when you are over weight  and have high cholesterol is “diet and exercise” to improve it.  We shall see how that advice bears out when I report back here in this blog after Tuesday’s visit.  Wish me luck!

Update:  As of today I am at 207 lbs. with a 35 inch waist.  Weight loss regimen is now an average daily walk or jog of 2.8 miles.  I continue to spend 10 minutes on the weight machine immediately following my walk but currently every other day and ending with 40 sit ups on the ab lounge.

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  2. That’s fantastic. My dad is diabetic, as was my grandfather, so it runs in my family. I got checked out before I embarked on my current diet and exercise routines, and thankfully was negative, but I’m 32 years old and weigh more than twice what I should, so it’s likely that if I don’t do something now I’ll be on track for all sorts of problems that come from being morbidly obese (a term that does not endear itself to me). Unlike you I’m trying to be preemptive but I’ve added your blog to my regular reading and will look forward to seeing the results of your tests. Keep it up!

  3. Hi Jough,

    Thanks for the comments and believe me, I know how you feel. Don’t give up on doing something now as I promise you, you will thank yourself so much as you lose the weight. I can’t believe how much better I’m feeling and I’m a firm believer in the method I chose of setting a one pound per week goal. I’m developing good habits as I go and now I even feel guilty when I don’t get my exercise in. Do what ever works for you and I’d love hear about your progress now and then too.

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