25K Training – Week 11 – Steady As She Goes!

What a wild week this past one was! This is Michigan and normal highs and lows here for late March and early April are 50’s for highs and 30’s for lows. We had one day of 78 and two days last week that were in the 80’s! Just wild! Great for the body and soul but what a shock for running. On Thursday evening during my 7 miler, I thought I was going to die. My body just isn’t used to running in those temps yet!

This week brought along what I would refer to as a “maintaining” fitness week.  The daily runs were all 5 to 7 miles in length and Saturday’s run was 12 miles. The plan actually called for an 11 mile run but I was invited by a co-worker to run with her group and it was a great run. They ran (along with about 100 or so others) the back half of the 25K run course, 6 miles out and 6 miles back.

I have never run the Fifth Third River Bank Run 25K before so this was a chance to get to know some of the course. I actually know the first 7 miles of the course quite well because as a kid I grew up on that side of the river and fished along it’s banks many many times! I expect to be flooded with a few memories indeed on the outbound route on race day and it should be kind of fun.

On the other hand, as kids we never traveled on the “other side of the river” much so I had no clue what I was in for with that part of the route. I have at almost every run I went to last year, said that wished I knew the route ahead of time so I am glad that I got invited to do this yesterday as it was a real eye opener.  Between miles 9 – 12 there are numerous hills that come race day are going to be a real challenge. Thanks Misty for inviting me to do this!

My daily runs have a number of different hills so I’m no stranger to running hills but I really dislike them. Especially when they come later in a race like these will. At least I know they are there and won’t get “psyched out” when I hit them now.  It won’t make it any easier getting up them, but at least I’ll be mentally prepared for them.

It was really great having my new Garmin Forerunner 305 along to be able to analyze my run afterwords.  I managed a 9:31 pace for 11.92 miles and a time of 1:53. Need to better that pace a little bit yet to make sure I make my 2 1/2 hour goal. I still have to figure out how to set a few of the alarms up on my new toy but downloading the results and the route on the PC for final analysis after the run is cool!

This coming week is more of the same with more 5, 6, & 7 mile runs with another 12 miler at the end of the week.  I have to admit, I’m getting excited now about race day and I’m looking forward to making that run and finishing my first 25K ever. As an added bonus, the temperatures will moderate a little more back towards normal this week so it will make running them a little more pleasant than last week was!

My goal now is simply to stay injury free for the next four weeks as the countdown begins for race day! I’m still fighting minor shin splints and bit of knee pain but nothing severe at the moment. Using “good form running” or “mid-foot running” techniques have helped with this tremendously as I’ve increased my daily distances.

If you are still waiting to start your training or exercise program, don’t. You too can do this. You simply need to commit to it and start walking or doing what ever you can no matter how small! See you next week! A new and better you is just “one pound ago”

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