25K Training – Week 7 – Shoes, shoes, shoes and more shoes!

Week 7 of my 25K run training ended with a 12.5 mile run that I finished in 2 hrs. 4 mins. 54 secs. This time puts me still on target to beat my original goal of less than 3 hours and well on my way of meeting my secondary goal which was to finish around 2.5 hours.

This week I had tried some new shoes made by Adidas which were Mizuno Wave Precisions.  These are rated well as shoes go but the pair I was given ended up not being for me.  They didn’t have enough stability and I ended up with a chaffing feeling on the insole of my left foot and a severe pain just behind the toes of my right one.

I took them back to the store with the thought of purchasing another pair of Asics 2150’s like I’ve been running in but ended up choosing another pair of Mizuno’s . They are the Wave Nirvana 6 which is more structured shoe. They seem to have good cushioning in the mid-foot area so with my newer mid-foot running style this should be helpful. If by the end of this week, I don’t like these it’s back to the 2150’s for me!

Last week brought a different week of running in how I felt as I’m still fighting some kind of sinus infection and it makes my run less enjoyable. The daily runs consisted of mostly 5 – 6 mile runs and switched up my usual off day of Sunday which I ran 3 miles, and took Monday off instead. I’m trying to find a way to help my calves recover better after my long Saturday run.

This week was the experimentation with the GU Chomps, blueberry and pomegranate flavored.  I can’t honestly say whether they made a difference with my run with regard to energy overall but I still hit a wall in mile 11 again and ended up walking for about 1/8 to recover a bit before completing the 12.5 miles I ran.  I also took water along on this run which I hadn’t been doing in previous weeks but I figure as the temperature gradually warms going into spring that liquids will become more important.

This weeks long run will be the experiment with the “Shot Blocks” which have caffeine in them. I’m hoping that they will give me a bit more of a boost during the run then the GU without caffeine did so stay tuned. I’m a little concerned about adding caffeine while I run although I do drink about 3 cups of 50/50 before I leave for my run in the morning.

From the weight loss (maintenance) perspective, Saturdays run alone burned 1850 calories! It’s almost funny to watch myself enter my breakfast and lunch items into the food diary and see myself still in the “negative” calories for the day! On to the next week of training. I have a 5K run scheduled on March 20 and there’s only 8 more weeks of training before the big day. Stay tuned!

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