25K Training – Week 6 – Fighting My Way Through Shin Splints Again!

Well week 6 ended with another 12 miles on Saturday and just about the time I thought I had the distance beat, my head got in the way again around the 10.8mile point when the balls of my feet began hurting in a bad way! I’m still not sure what caused that pain but I definitely need to figure that one out quickly as it could seriously get in my way of finishing a strong 25K.

After walking about 1/8 of a mile to allow my right foot to relax and then running into my wife who decided to go out for a long walk, I managed to get running again and finished the 12 miles in 2 hours 7 minutes which was still under the goal I had set of 2 hours 15 minutes the week before. While not setting any records, it’s still a new personal best for me and the next 3 weekends will consist of additional 12 mile runs and I hope to be down to about 2 hours flat by the end of 3 more weekends.

I decided to get new shoes this past weekend so that I have proper time to break them in before the May 8 race day arrives. Nothing worse than running a long race in new shoes, at least in my case. I went with an Mizuno shoe this time around that better suits my newer mid-foot running style, or at least the mid-foot running style I’m trying to adopt. $130 later, I’m hoping that these shoes will cushion the pad area of my mid-foot better than the ones I’ve been running in which were Asics 2140 with an orthotic in them. I’m also going to make the 12 mile run this coming Saturday without the orthotics and see how my shins do.

Last but not least, I signed up for a “Good Form Running” clinic to make sure I am doing the midfoot running style correctly. It’s being offered free at our local Gazelle Sports store and on March 15th, I’ll see what it’s all about. I feel I have the basic understanding of running that way but I am concerned with some of the pain I’m still experiencing in my shins and feet that I’m not doing something quite right.

With that, I’ll be updating after another week of running as we head into week 7 of the 25K running training. The muscle pain I spoke about that I’m associating with the Crestor has not returned and I feel that I was correct in ceasing the use of that medication.

If you are following this blog, I’d love to hear from you. I know that I’ve switched from a hard core weight loss blog into a different gear but since this blog is more of a journal of my personal journey, this is still my path to a lighter, fitter, new me that was a fat guy just “one pound ago”.

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