25K Training – Week 5 – Learned Something New About Crestor

Well week 5 of my 25K training has come and gone and with it, a lot of pain has also gone.  If you remember from back in my early days of this blog, I used to take Crestor for my cholesterol.  I was able to drop that medication because after losing so much weight and getting regular exercise, my cholesterol numbers have been fairly respectable.

A few weeks ago while at the doctors for my quarterly cardiac risk profile check up, I asked the doctor about my LDL numbers still hanging around the 113 mark and it was decided by us at my request to add a low dose of Crestor  (10mg) to see if we could get it back into line below the 100 mark at least. I’d taken it for a couple of years in the past and didn’t remember having any issues with it. Well that no longer was the case for me. 

If you’ve been reading along, the past couple of weeks I had been really struggling with my runs, even the shorter ones.  About a week ago, the pain in my legs and breathing issues had become so bad I honestly started to think I may have some heart issues developing. I was short of breath and after a 4 mile run last week Tuesday, my legs hurt so bad that I could have sworn that I had ran 15!

As I was running on Tuesday, it occurred to me that the Crestor might have something to do with my pain so I emailed my doctor to get his opinion. He felt there was enough question for me to stop taking it and see if the pain issues resolved. Boy did they.  Within 3 days of stopping the Crestor, the pain was easing back into something normal for my running training level and my 11 mile run on Saturday was much more comfortable than it had been the past two weeks.  That being said, I’m going to stay off the medication for a bit yet and see if the pain stays under control as I continue to train. If so, I may need to search out another option for lowering my LDL’s with my doctor.

This weeks training consists of 5 & 6 mile runs ending on Saturday with a 12 mile run for the week. Time for the little engine that could again and “I think I can” to show back up as I attempt this new personal single run distance.  It will take me the better part of 2 hours to complete 12 miles at my normal distance running pace.  I’m still fighting some kind of crud that seems to keep recirculating around work but I’m hoping it goes away completely real soon.

Otherwise I’m feeling pretty good and even with some extra stress at work these past 3 weeks, the extra exercise seems to be keeping that controlled as well.  I have continued to follow a generally low carb diet lifestyle but I do eat breads, pasta, and potatoes again albeit in smaller and less frequent quantities and I seem to be maintaining my current weight with no real difficulty.

Get out there and exercise! Weather is no excuse as you saw in pictures I posted in week 3. Walk or run, it’s all good for you and doing it outside in the fresh air is even better. Sunny days are scarce here in Michigan in winter but when they happen, it’s a great chance to get some much needed vitamin D into your body without supplements!

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