25K Training – Week 4 – Scale Back, Then Build Up!

Well this week brought a different pattern of training and I’m glad it did.  I call this week a recovery week in that every days run was a shorter, less vigorous run than it was in the previous week.  That’s the recovery plan. Build up the muscle, then let it rest to recover at little, assuming you call still running 30 miles last week recovery!

This week is a maintaining week. A couple of the runs are longer than last week and the Saturday run will end with another 11 miler but overall still less strenuous than two weeks ago.  Thank goodness! I thought at the end of week 3, I was going to fail miserably if I had to keep building without a rest from there.  On top of everything else, I’m still fighting the chest cold I caught two weeks ago and that isn’t helping my training any at all.

I swapped out one of my 4 mile days with some cross training on the weight machine.  I have been totally neglecting my upper body and mid-section so I thought it would be a good idea to do a little resistance work out along with some crunches and sit ups. OMG! It’s been 4 days and my mid-section is still whining from the event. Guess I’d better add a few more days of that into my regimen.

As far as my weight goes, I’m maintaining a consistent weight as of 4 weeks in.  I am allowing myself some more carbs in my diet because I’m finding with the training routine that my body simply needs some more fuel to keep up.  I don’t have the fat reserves I once did to pull from so I have to be careful not to start burning muscle as I train for lack of fuel. I will be investigating “GOO” this week as something to take along on my runs to try and avoid that 8 mile mental block and 10 exhaustion I ran into two weeks ago.

Are you out there just starting on your own weight loss journey? Make sure you read through the archives of this blog to follow me from where I started as a very obese and unhealthy guy of 280 lbs. and have now reached a much more fit and healthy weight of 185 lbs. 

I am a type II diabetic that is controlling my disease through diet and exercise and have also all but eliminated my blood pressure issues as well.  I still take cholesterol medications but at seriously reduced levels and that is mostly at my request due to my history of a bypass to my left arm and 70% blockage of my left carotid 12 years ago. Still can’t seem to beat heredity!

You can do all this too! Just decide to start now and do it! Find what works for you and get out there walking and exercising and before you know it you will be on your way to a healthier new you without diet drugs or fad diets!

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  1. It is very interesting following your progress. I doubt if my Seniors could match your mileage, but the pricipal is the same for them.

  2. You are absolutely correct Peter about it being the same for them. The process is always the same just tailored to different fitness levels of the individual and somewhat to what one is willing to try with personal goals.

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