Week 3 25K Training Results – Ouch!

Well another week of training is past and I must admit that this week resulted in me being in a bit more pain than the previous week.  Still nothing that I need to take ibuprofen or other pain relievers for but a decidedly marked increase in general leg soreness.  Oh yeah, I’m in training and that’s what happens to muscles once you start to push them.

I made an 11 mile run today to cap off this week, which followed a number of 6 mile days during the week and a couple of “easy runs” which basically are recovery days.  I guess these recovery days are important in the sense that these are the days that you give you muscles a chance to recover and grow stronger from the increased strain you are putting on them during training.

Today marked another first for me in that I’ve never gone 11 miles before in my life except for on a bicycle which in this respect doesn’t count.  I thought 11  miles on a bike was a good work out but let me tell you, it’s got nothing on an 11 mile  run!  I have good training days and bad training days and I have to admit today was a bad training day!

The wind was blowing about 20 mile per hour and that drove wind chills down to about “feels like 5 degrees” and I’ll be honest, I seriously underestimated a few things. You’ll remember I said last week that I had not really found any limitations to my runs except the ones in my head? Well I still believe that but I’ll tell you, 6 miles into the wind does some serious screwing around with ones head not to mention takes strength that I don’t yet have.

I was seriously unprepared for the fatigue that it caused me today. I purposely chose a route that would put the wind at least at my back for most of the return run, but was not ready for a hill after running against the wind for 6 miles that I forgot about! Oh my goodness! I ended up walking up the last 3rd of the hill, both because physically and mentally I hit a “wall” at that point.

You hear about these walls but I ran smack dab into it head on today! That hill was bad enough but then I fought with it for the next three miles, running, walking, running, walking…you get the picture. I just really struggled getting my head back into the game. I am glad actually because I now know what it feels like and can better prepare for it in the future. 

Someone that recognized me at about the 9 mile mark when I was in one of my brief walking periods honked and waved. This embarrassed me and gave me the push to make the rest of the run finally and in the last mile, I finally got beyond the head games and made good time.  I finished today in 1 hour 52 minutes, which all things considered I’ll take it. A bad day of training is still better than a good day of sitting around on the couch doing nothing but growing fatter and more unhealthy.

Next week I need to do a bit of carb loading and bring along some snacks and drink on the run so I don’t run out of gas as I did today. Live and learn I guess and once again, all part of the training. If you’ve never run a race, I recommend that you set a goal to do so this year even if it’s only a 5K or something like that.  Get off that couch and do something! Take back control of your life and you can take that from a former fat guy!  See you soon!

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