25K in May! Off To The Races And Weight Loss!

I Thought it was time for another update since it’s been a few weeks again.  I’ve set a new goal for this year and it’s to run a 25K in May. It’s the Fifth Third annual 25K, in which last year I ran the 10K version as my first ever run.  I surprised myself completely by running  6.2 miles when I thought that I could never do more than 3 miles.  Now I often run 7.5 miles on my weekend run and decided it’s time to move up to a new goal for 2010.  15.5 miles or 25K!

I have a difficult time getting my head around these distances but I’ve found that as I’ve become a more experienced runner that so far, nothing is beyond my physical reach if I put my mind to it.  Sound like a contradiction? That’s because it is.  I find that once I’ve gotten beyond the head games and I start to concentrate on the goal, that I’ve been able to meet the goals I’ve set for myself.  Is a 25K beyond my physical reach?  I don’t know yet and we will see, but I’ve got put the doubt out of my mind.

I have had multiple issues with shin splints and I have recently changed shoe type and added orthodics to my running.  I am also in process of changing my running style to something lower impact to try to and limit my injuries from running. In order to reach my goals, I have to change things in order to successfully reach them. If I continue to do what I always did, the 25K would be out of reach because I likely would be to injured to complete it. I have to change my way of “thinking and running” to reach that goal.

As I go along towards this goal, I will need to deal with the “head games” that will be played and keep reminding myself that so far the only real limitations I have found are the ones that I’ve created for myself in my own head. So why am a I going on about this? Because it applies my previous issues with weight and obesity as well.

I was a “fat guy” for years because at first I couldn’t get it through my head that I could be a thin guy once again. I spent years on excessive medications, over weight, no…OBESE, because I couldn’t develop the confidence that a fat, ex 3o year smoker, could lose the weight, change my diet for the better, get off my medications, quit smoking after 30 years, and at the age of almost 49, be healthier and feel better than I did at age 29. The only limitations I have found that I have so far, are the ones I made for myself.

Since conquering my weight issues, and running my first 10K race ever last year, I have found that nothing is outside of my reach if I put my mind to it anymore. You need to do the same. I really think for many people, the reason we end up being fat is because we allow issues in our heads to drive the decisions that control our lives.  Being over weight  is not a disease as some people would like to make it out to be.  Other than the very rare individual with some very rare medical condition, most of us are or were fat because we at best had an “affliction” but not a disease.

You have to choose to be a thin person, just as you have to choose to exercise, and choose to change your life. Don’t let the lack of self confidence you have in yourself ruin your life. Find the confidence to try anything you want and set that goal for yourself and go for it! You can do it! Just as I can do this 25K, you can loose the weight and become a healthier new you.  Start today. Don’t wait. If you limit yourself, you won’t succeed. Set that goal high! Think you need to lose 50 lbs.? Go for 55! In the words of the Army, be all you can be. Don’t let your mind limit you any longer!

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