Weight Loss in 2010! The Dreaded New Years Resolution!

Happy 2010 everyone!  I hope this post finds you fit and healthy as we all prepare the face the new year of 2010.  On this day more than any other, people are making their “new years resolutions” and one of the most popular, if not the most popular resolutions is the one to “lose weight”. Some will commit to only losing a few pounds that they felt they gained over the holidays, some will commit to making life changes to lose the excess weight they are carrying up into the 100’s of pounds. 

The sad fact is that more than 75% of these weight loss commitments will not be met with success.  Why? Because the 75% will not choose to make the “life style” changes necessary for successful and permanent weight loss.  They will grab onto the latest fad diet or weight loss pill and hope for the best.  They don’t work alone!  They never do.  There is no miracle cure for losing weight.

It’s the same formula that it’s always been.  Calories vs. calories out.  If you put less calories in your mouth than your body burns, you will lose weight.  Simple right?  It really is actually, but the thing most people forget is to add the exercise to their weight loss plan. Without exercise in your plan, you will end up trying to starve yourself to maintain the “formula” and eventually for most people, it just doesn’t work. 

You will also need to change what you eat to accomplish this goal.  You can’t eat 1500 calorie fast food burgers, sugared drinks, and fries, and expect to lose weight.  For most, that one meal would be the equivalent of 2/3’s of your daily calorie allowance so now you will go hungry the rest of the day. A simple change would be to eat only the burger patty (no bun), swap the fries for apple slices, and drink a diet drink. The calories will be less than 500 and you will find yourself feeling just as full.  Not a great way to eat but still much better than what you were going to do and with some exercise, you would lose weight.

I have never promoted a certain diet even though I personally went the low carb route and it worked for me.  I am a firm believer that most diets will work if you make exercise a part of the diet.  You have to find the one that works for you and that you like so that you can stick with it over the longer haul.  I honestly believe that without some kind of exercise routine, most of you will fail within a short time.  I can’t stress the importance of adding this too much, I really can’t.  Getting off you butt is as important as actually trying to lose it!

Heading into 2010, why not make this your year of “firsts” and lose the weight that is killing you, preventing you from enjoying life in general, and even though we won’t admit it at first, prevents us from grabbing many opportunities that come our way.

2oo9 for me was a year of blessings and firsts in so many ways.  I ran my “first 10K” as well as my second and numerous 5K’s. Not bad for a former fat guy of 280 lbs.  I went below 180 lbs. for the “first time” since I was 25.  I have since maintained a weight of 185 lbs. comfortably for the past 10 months and I feel better than I have in more years than I can remember.

You too can accomplish the feat of weight loss. Make this coming year the year of your “firsts” and commit to a diet and exercise regimen that will put you on the path to health and fitness you may not remember or maybe even have never experienced. Here’s your inspiration.

I used to take 6 medications for cholesterol and high blood pressure, and they were ready to add a diabetes medication before I became type II diabetic in January of 2008. 

I now take 1 medication for cholesterol because of the existing arterial disease I already had but all my other medications are gone and I no longer have the numbers of a diabetic which I had when I started this journey.  It’s not that hard with a little work. Mine began as new years resolution in 2008.  This can be you in 2010. Get started now and make this a year of firsts for yourself.  Happy New Year and may your weight loss goals and desires become a reality for you in this coming year. 


You can do it too so get going!

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