Onward Through Weight Loss – The Second Year

As  we come up on the end of another successful year of weight loss and weight maintenance, I am once again reminded just how hard this really can be!  I am maintaining my weight loss through daily exercise and still eating a much better diet than I was two years ago, but if you asked me if it’s easy, my answer would be a big “NO”! 

Even though my body is no longer that of a fat persons, my mind still wants to be.  It would be so much “easier” not to have to think everyday about what I’m going to eat and where I will find the time to fit the next 35 minute run into my hectic schedule.  Easy? No! Necessary? YES!

You have heard me talk about this journey as a “life style change” thougout this entire blog and that has not changed.  It is now a part of my life and will remain a part of my life for whatever the remainder of my life ends up being, and I hope sincerely that I’ve added a lot of years back to my life after quitting smoking after more than 30 years, losing 100 lbs., eating better, and daily exercise to help keep me young.  After all, wasn’t that the reason for starting all of this in the first place?

Weight loss and health maintenance is not EASY!  Think about it. If weight loss and weight loss maintenance were easy there wouldn’t be any fat people in the world would there?  This wil be one of the most difficult changes as an obese or over weight person that you will make in your life however, one of the most rewarding.

Something that most of us fat or previously fat people suffers from is a poor self image and often self confidence.  Once you start succeeding on this journey I believe you will find a whole new “can do” attitude grow inside of yourself as I have.  I have done things these past two years that I still find rather amazing to myself. 

After 30 years of smoking I would never have believed that I could go out and run 10 miles.  After weighing 280 lbs. at 5′ 10″, I would have never believed that I could look at myself in a mirror without feeling ashamed.  But now I can and I do!

You can too.  Start today! Change your life for the better.  Get off your medications by losing the weight and living a healthy lifestyle. Get off the couch and stop feeling sorry for yourself and do that next work out willingly.  It won’t be “easy” but you “can do it”!

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  1. What do you do over Christmas? I tell my people to enjoy it and lose the weight gained in the new year.

  2. Actually Peter, I would recommend the opposite. While I think it good to allow ourselves to indulge a little bit, still having the mind of a fat person in a thinner mans body, tells me that it would be far too easy to not stick with it after the holidays.

    I’m not saying “don’t indulge” but only enough so as not to gain any significant weight over the holidays and make sure that you are off setting any extra calories with enough exercise to compensate.

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