New Family Holiday Tradition – Running Before The Turkey Is Served!

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone again.  Well almost.  I’m making a healthy turkey soup from the leftover turkey and veggie tray for dinner tonight and that will pretty much do it for leftovers!  Actually I just burned my tongue getting a taste of my dish.  Dumb!

I weighted myself this morning and I was exactly the same weight as before Thanksgiving to mission accomplished with regard to surviving the holiday without any significant weight gain.  This year I convinced my two middle children to participate in what I hope to become a Thanksgiving day tradition from now on for us and that was a local fun run put on by Gazelle Sports.

It was an un-timed “fun run” event for  4.3 miles around a local lake here in town.  It turned out to be a fantastic idea and even the rain that was in the forecast held off for the period that the run occurred.  It was a balmy 42 degrees which was just about perfect for running!  Worked up a nice sweat but didn’t get soaked which could have resulted in catching a chill after the race.  I wore my Zensah compression socks in the hopes of keeping my calves warm while we ran and they worked great.

I have worked really hard at my new lifestyle and I am determined that I will not become  an obese overweight fat guy ever again, but having spent the majority of my life that way, I’m also not so naive as to not realize that I have to be more careful than many because my metabolism just isn’t as fast as for many other people, especially at my current age of 48.  That being said, I know that I will need to exercise and eat right from now until hither to not go back from whence I came.

I was determined not to succumb to the overeating on Thanksgiving day which has been my M.O. for years!  I actually did very good with dinner and even though I tried everything, I kept the portion control rules in play and definitely didn’t go back for a second plate full.  My dinner ran about 900 calories which was a lot but since I only had a yogurt and an apple for breakfast, and a small donut with apple cider right after the race, I was in good shape for the days eating activities.  At about 1600 calories consumed and 520 calories burned in the morning run, I was in good shape.

Then the desserts came out!  I knew this would be the worst test for me because since I now keep my sugar intake pretty low, this could be treacherous territory.   I love pie and dirt cake and we had both!  Ok…I’m going to be honest about this.  I did terrible!  I had a piece of dirt cake and a piece of pie…then I also had a sliver of cheese cake too!  I felt so guilty!  Not so much because I ate them, but because I so quickly fell back into the old traps of eating multiple sweet treats instead of just one.  Even though they were all small pieces, it was about 600 calories more than I should have eaten or needed!

What that tells me is that I could still easily fall back into those old habits and that it just reinforces what I said earlier about needing to eat right and exercise the rest of my life in order to maintain this new me.  I guess in the end it’s nice that I can fall off the wagon and get right back on again instead of just doing nothing as I would have a couple of years ago.  It wasn’t uncommon for me to pile on 20 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but not this time!

I went out the next morning and ran another 4 miles, and today I rode my bike for 42 minutes and covered almost 11 miles!  It feels so good to be able to do that.  My health is so far ahead of where I was at the beginning of this journey and I find that so cool!  Obviously I’m not 100% where I need to be mentally but it’s coming.  And in the end, I walked away without gaining any weight.

You can do this too.  If you haven’t started on your life journey to loose the weight, start now!  If you already started, stay with it.  If you’ve reached the goals you set for yourself as I have, maintain it!  Life is too short to be controlled by food, bad health, and obesity.  The old life you lived is just “one pound ago” and the healthy new you awaits.

Start your Thanksgiving day tradition with a run, a walk, a bike ride, or whatever strikes your fancy.  Then, carry that tradition into your daily life forever and become the fit and healthy person you deserve to be.

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  1. We do not have Thanksgiving in the UK so that is not a problem, but the real challenge is Christmas. The eating often lasts from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day. The only hope is a good walk or a run every day and then back into the old healthy lifestyle afterwards. Not easy.

  2. Christmas will be the next milestone for sure Peter. Not easy but very managable with some common sense. One tip to remember is to eat a healthy snack or meal before going to any parties or gatherings where you know you are going to be surrounded with foods you shouldn’t eat. Makes it slightly easier to resist some of the goodies while you are there.

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