Finess Addiction – Is It Possible?

If you would have asked the overweight  and obese fat guy that I was almost two years ago, I would have laughed at the idea of being or becoming addicted to weight loss and the associated fitness exercises.  It’s just not possible I would have thought, but I have to question it now.  Why you might ask?

As I have changed my lifestyle to one of better eating and good fitness levels for maintained health, I quite often find myself concerned on days where due to other activities or things going on, that I won’t be able to get my daily workout in.  It’s at times almost as if I am worried about getting my next endorphin “fix” if you will. 

There might be some validity to that in itself but in my case I think it’s actually due to something a bit more ingrained in my head than just the endorphin high I enjoy when I exercise.  Being an ex-smoker of 30 years, I appreciate the addictive tendancies that I may have and need to remain cognisantof them but this for me falls more on the level of “fear”. The fear of gaining weight.  The reason that is scary is because I think of people with Bulimia or Anorexia and I can quickly begin to see how they get where they are.  My case isn’t a fear of food but simply put, a fear that a lack of exercise will allow my body to retreat towards what it once was.

I have to learn to deal with that fear in different ways.  Part of that is learning to take “rest days” which I am currently not very good at.  My daughter is always harping on me about taking a day and my idea at this point of a “rest day” is running 3 miles instead of 4 or riding 10 miles instead of 11.  What I need to learn is to literally takes days with no exercise at all and feel comfortable that I won’t gain any weight back when I do.

I have been working on this the past few months and I am starting to get comfortable with the idea I can skip a day and not have any issues with weight gain as long as I maintain the proper eating habits that I’ve learned over the past couple of years.  I know I make this sound like it’s a horrible thing and it’s not.  But I also know there are others that feel this way and I feel it’s important that people realize they are not alone in feeling that way.

When you spent a life time being or becoming fat, it takes time to re-learn the good habits and be comfortable that you can live the life of a thin person with some good eating habits and common sense exercising.  Your new life is always ahead of you and if you are still over weight and haven’t started yet, do it now!  Being a bit of an exercise freak is a whole lot less detrimental to your health than high cholesterol, diabetes, and a whole host of other illnesses associated with a bad diet and lack of exercise.

I’ll take my new addiction any day over the obese person I was just “one pound ago”!  Join me today and begin your new life now!  With good eating, exercise, and of course God’s help, you can be healthier in no time at all.  Just make the comittment and get going on that first walk today!

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