Maintaining Weight Loss and Holidays

As we approach the end of October one thing comes to mind.  Holidays!  The reason these are near and dear to me is because I take the majority of my vacation during this time and we spend a lot of time away and on the road along with all the family get togethers that will be planned.  That means one thing to someone like me.  “Lot’s of opportunities to cheat on my diet!”

Even now having reached and what I would term as “comfortably” maintaining my weight with good eating habits and more importantly continued daily exercise, I must admit it still concerns me to head into the holidays.  This will be the first test of will power for me since having reached my goal weight.  It would be very easy for me to just take the attitude that it won’t matter what I eat and I’ll just make sure I am exercising enough to counteract any amount of cheating I might feel inclined to do.   Can’t do it!

If you remember what got me here in the first place, it was thoughts not too dissimilar to that.  It wouldn’t take many times of cheating, eating too many sweets, and over eating, to quickly out pace the exercise I was doing.  Those 1000 calorie pieces of pie add up fast and no amount of exercise I plan on doing in the near future can offset that enough to justify it.  I also am still diabetic and even though it is now under control, shoveling my system full of sugar could cause other issues that aren’t going to be remedied by more exercise.

After all is said and done, two things are evident to me and losing weight or maintaining weight loss. “Calories in – calories out = your final weight”, and “you are what you eat so portion control and exercise = losing and maintaining weight loss”.  If you keep those two things in mind, you too can be successful in reaching your weight loss goals what ever they may be.

I now look forward to the holidays because I know there is going to be lots of delicious and healthy foods to be had and yet, I have no fear of not being able to control myself anymore.  I will in my case, have that helping of mashed potatoes and gravy, but it will be a reasonable size portion.  If I’m still hungry, I’ll grab an extra piece of turkey to satisfy that need instead of the extra buttered roll.  Portion control and smart choices is what this is all about.

This spring I’m setting a goal to run a 25K and though my shin is currently injured and I’m trying to get it to heal, training for that race will commence in about a month.  Start your journey today and maybe you can join me at least in spirit in your first 5, 10, or 25K this spring too.  Start now, it’s never too late to become a lighter and fitter new you which is just “one pound ago”.

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  1. I tell my people not to worry too much over Christmas. Just don’t eat themselves to a standstill. Then work it off in the New Year.

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