Cross Training and Maintaining Weight Loss Goals

I thought it was high time that I made another update to this blog in this section since the last entry here was made back in late July.  This section is much more of personal record of my journey and since reaching my initial goals, I have less to write about here.  On the other hand, since this section is more my personal log of this weight loss journey which I have been on, I feel it’s important to keep it updated to show everyone that this is something you can do for the long haul and not just another fad.  I also am still maintaining my calorie log.  I just feel it’s a good habit for me to keep up with for now anyway.

My cholesterol and diabetes are still well under control and the only medication I continue to take currently is Niaspan 1000mg at this point in time. I am following the new guidelines that are being discussed for cholesterol and it looks like they are going to be drastically reducing the target numbers that will be considered “high” and based on those new guidelines, even though my cholesterol is “within current tolerances”, I will likely be discussing with the doctor about added a lose dose statin back into my regimen based on my past history with arteriosclerosis to work toward the coming recommendations ahead of time.  We’ll see what he has to say about that in October when I see him again.

It’s been a very interesting summer for me.  I have maintained my current weight where I was and I have continued to manage my exercise program in the same way I have for the past year.  I am currently around 2000 calories per day intake and burn anywhere from 380 to 800 calories per day through exercise depending on the length of time I choose to do it on a given day.  I no longer measure my exercise so much in “miles ran or ridden” as I do in “minutes exercised”.  I now go out for 30 minute run, or a 60 minute ride, or what ever else I have planned for that day, but I do “something” every day of the week.

There are many people who say you should take a rest day, but so far I haven’t really felt the need.  I more take the approach now of just limiting how long and vigorously I exercise on a given day and concentrate on more “cross training” to help strengthen more areas of my body and not over abuse myself.  I can now enjoy 30 minutes of a running at 6 MPH as much as I can 30 minutes at 8 MPH and not feel bad about it.  My mind easily wraps around the thought of an amount of time I exercise and if I only cover 3 miles in 35 minutes instead of 4 on a given day, I ok with that now.

I have had a few more running related injuries that I’ve had to work through like a recurrence of my shin splint issue.  I have been working on healing that for almost 6 weeks again but it is improving.  I have started cross training on a hybrid bicycle that I purchased used a couple of weeks ago to aid in healing my shin splints and I’m just loving the work out it provides me as well.  Since purchasing a bicycle, I found that I very much enjoy that work out and while giving a better work out to my upper legs, I seem to be able to sustain a higher endurance work out for longer periods of time.  That should only improve my running endurance and cardio conditioning when I want to run a race too.

I have been walking two miles everyday at lunch time with a co-worker who expressed an interest in losing weight after seeing what I accomplished.  I told him as long as he put his best foot forward, got on a diet to change his eating habits (which were quite atrocious) that I would continue to walk with him everyday that I can.  So far in 3 weeks he has lost 11 lbs. and so far is excited about that.  I will continue to work with and encourage him as long as he’s willing to try.  His current goal is 185 lbs. by next June so he can go on rides with his kid at Cedar Point.  He started at 5’ 6” and 278 lbs. and can’t currently “fit” on some of the rides because his stomach is to big to close the harnesses.  More to come on that later.

If  this is you…don’t wait!  Start today!  You can’t imagine how much better you will feel once you lose the weight and get yourself healthy again through daily exercise and good eating habits.  I can tell you how it feels but until you experience it yourself, you really won’t fully understand how different your outlook will become on life in general.  You can do it and I’m here for inspiration and help along the way.  I’ve been there, done that, and you can too!  The fat obese you can be just “one pound ago” if you start now!

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  1. You friend’s doing well to lose over 3.5lbs a week. I’ll be interested to hear if he stays the course. Having a buddy helps a lot.

  2. So far so good Peter. He’s been at about 7 weeks now and has lost 30 lbs. so far. Minor set back last week due to a small knee injury but he should be back on track this week.

  3. Fast Weight Loss Diets…

    I’ve found that increasing the amount of exercise each day and watching what you eat greatly increases your fat burning efforts….

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