Welcome to Weight Loss That Was Just “One Pound Ago”

Have you spent a good portion of your life over weight or obese?  I have.  I’m one of those people that liked to use the term that I was always on the heavy side because I am “big boned”.  Well even thought that is true, my health status still says that I’m severely over weight.  I had carotid artery surgery at the age of 37 because of extremely high cholesterol levels which I have taken medication to treat for more than 9 years now.   I was told visit after visit to the doctor that I was “glucose intolerant” and a “borderline diabetic” for many years, and now I have become diabetic.  Why?  Because I was unwilling, too lazy, or what ever other reason you want to find, to do something about it.

In the coming days, weeks, months, and even hopefully years, I will be sharing the things that I’ve learned, the mistakes that I’ve made or will make, and in general share my journey with you on my path to regaining my health and weight loss, one pound at a time.  I will be added an informative website to go with this blog, and hopefully along the way, I will be able to help some of you along your path to the same goal. 

I am about 4 months into my journey now.  Why did I wait till now to start this blog and website?  Like my lack of commitment to weight loss in the past, I had many “excuses” as to why I couldn’t do it.  Well guess what?  I can do it!  It’s not easy and I’m only about a third of the way there, but it’s happening!  I started my journey at 272 pounds and that put me into the “obese” category.   I should be around 180 lbs. and my current goal is 205 pounds by November.  Stay with me as I share with you the path I’ve taken so far, and the path I’ve yet to take. 

I was a fat person, “One Pound Ago”, but that will change.  I will become a healthy and fit person one pound at a time.   Come along for the ride and share your experiences as well!

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