Fast Weight Loss And Weight Loss Exercise – Fact Or Fiction?

The common question about fast weight loss and exercise often are the same.  Can I lose weight fast without exercise?  The answer is yes, absolutely.  If you resolve to lose weight but are simply put off by exercise and choose to be too lazy to change those habits, simply adopt a low card diet such as Atkins or South Beach, and start losing weight fast and within a week.

Sound crazy?  I hope so.  While the statement I just made is true, you can in fact lose weight fast without exercise, I wouldn’t recommend it.  Why?  Because you won’t maintain it over the long haul and you’ll be yo-yo dieting before you know it.  You’ll likely also continue to become fatter and more obese with each attempt.  Been there, done that, not a lot of fun.

Our bodies are little furnaces and the better we stoke our furnaces, the faster the fuel will burn and the faster you will lose weight.  What does our body burn?  Sugar (carbohydrates) and fat!  If you take the route of the low carb diet, you can lose weight quickly in the beginning as there is often plenty of fat to burn.  By not giving yourself anything else, you force your body to use what it has. 

Exercise promotes that to happen but much faster and more efficiently.  When you exercise, you work your muscles which when needing fuel will burn fat and carbs much more efficiently than simply being a couch potato and letting your body do all the work on it’s own.  It’s a proven fact that muscle burns calories much faster and more efficiently than the rest of your body and it promote additional muscle growth and fitness you will need to effectively exercise.  In essence, exercise equals “faster weight loss”, and will help to speed you on towards your goals.

Don’t get caught up in that you don’t have time to exercise and add it to your routine at least 4 days a week and you’ll experience faster weight loss than diet alone as well as reap the other obvious benefits that are had from regular exercise.  Get started today!

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