Weight Loss And Exercise – Am I Too Old?

If you are entering your mid life years as I am, or even your later life years, one question if you are over weight and out of shape that most of us ask is “am I too old to lose weight and exercise”?  The answer is a resounding “NO” and starting now is never too late whether you are 12 or 82!  In fact, the sooner you begin, the sooner you will start to feel better, lose or at least maintain weight, and increase your life span chances.  If it’s too late for anything, it’s too late to not have already started!

Weight loss is so beneficial that I can’t begin to cover all of the things that it does for you, but the obvious ones are diabetes, heart disease, cancers, and all of the things in between.  Does loosing weight guarantee that you will live longer and not have diabetes or cancer?  Nope, but the odds are strongly in your favor and I like them odds, especially since last January when I was told that I have type II diabetes and I already suffered from atherosclerosis for 10 years now.

I don’t why it took me so long to do something about it, but that’s the reason for today’s post.  I don’t want you to wait so long to start because today is not too soon!  For me, being told I was diabetic seem to finally scare me enough to do something about it.  It seems that I have to be scared into everything that is good for me, including when I quit smoking 5 years ago this month, which by the way, was the absolute best decision I ever made for my health in my life.

You might be 72 years old and have bad knees and be thinking that it’s too late for you to loose weight and start exercising, but it’s not!  To loose weight at any age, you have to work with what you have.  Change your eating habits if they need it.  You know if you are eating poorly or not, so fix that.  As you know if you follow this blog, I prefer low carb, but eat sensibly.  Assuming you are doing that already, how do I exercise if I have physical issues to deal with?

Exercise what you can.  Exercise for weight loss doesn’t have to be a jog down the road.  I can be as simple as picking up some 2 lb. dumb bells and doing 15 or 20 reps of arm curls.  If you can walk, walk for 5 or 10 minutes down the street and back.  The point is to get yourself doing something.  Starting an exercise routine is 75% of the battle for most people.  Build a habit.  If you walk for 10 minutes, do that for a week.  The next week, add 5 minutes.  Even if that means for you only adding another 100 yards to your walk, do it.  Once you are comfortable with that add another 5 minutes or 100 yards.  The goal is to develop a habit in the beginning.

If you have access to weights, start with very light weight and low repetitions for 5 minutes.  This will help you on your way to weight loss and hopefully give you some confidence on your abilities.  Add 5 minutes after a couple of weeks by adding more reps to each exercise, even if it’s only 5 additional.  The point remains the same and that is to build a habit and start loosing some weight.

As we are only setting a goal of 1 pound a week, you only need to burn an additional 3000 calories a week to do that.  That’s not a lot of exercise and as you start to loose weight, you will build confidence.  Add that to smarter eating, and you will quickly find yourself gaining on your weight loss goals.   I was fatter just “one pound ago” and I’m well on my way to a healthier and lighter new me.  Join me!

Update:  Starting weight was 275 lbs, and a 44 inch waist.  As of today I am at 215 lbs. with a 35 inch waist.  Average daily walk is 3.5 miles at 47 minutes walk time.  I spend 10 minutes on the weight machine immediately following my walk and ending with 30 sit ups on the ab lounge.

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