One Pound Weight Loss – When Life Gets In The Way

As of today I am at the 217 lb. mark which leaves me 32 lbs. to go to reach my original goal.  I officially gave myself a year to do that and I believe with my latest calculations that I will reach that goal successfully, but I am coming up on a time of year that some of my other activities are going to interfere with my current daily exercise routine.  Since I don’t relish the thought of reducing my calorie intake to a a crazy level that I can’t maintain, I will have to make some decisions and likely rearrange some of my schedules or priorities.

Whether you have a hobby as I do or just some other change in your life that causes you to have to re-evaluate your schedule, you have to decide what your highest priority is going to be and then make the adjustments you need to in order to maintain your exercise schedules.

In my case, I love to archery deer hunt, and that season for us here in Michigan begins in October and runs throught the 14th of November.  That means a lot of evenings in the woods “sitting” in my tree stand which won’t be conducive to my current weight loss and exercise goals.  So what’s a man (or woman) to do when “life gets in the way”?  Even though I will walk daily to my tree stand which is about a 1/2 mile, this won’t be sufficient exercise for me to maintain my current level of weight loss and I need to find an additional window of time to make that up.

What I’ve decided to do is to do my exercising on the treadmill in the morning before I spend my usual 1/2 hour computer time before going to work.  This is the only logical time for me to get a walk in during this time of the year with my hunting schedule which generally takes me directly from work to the woods as day light becomes a valuable commodity that time of year.

What ever your situation is that is or is going to affect your current work out schedule, don’t stop your work outs.  Your health must take priority over everything else you do or you may not be around to do what you want later in life.  Keep your weight loss goals in front of you always and make the adjustments you need to accomplish them. 

Remember, the overweight person you were is but “one pound ago”!  Stay the course!

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