Low Carb Lifestyle vs. Low Fat Life Style – What’s Best For You?

The other day I was visiting a forum that I often do and there was a discussion going on about the recent findings in a study about “low carb diets” out performing “low fat diets”.  While I’m no expert, I can speak from my own experience that for me at least, it does work and for the most part for whatever reasons, my cholesterol is lower on the diet.  One of the statements that really set me off was a comment on the low carb or Atkins diet in particular, and the statement was “how can you eat a pound of bacon and say that it’s healthy like you can with Atkins?”


Why would anyone eat a pound of bacon anyway?  Atkins doesn’t allow you to do that.  Just because it doesn’t limit your intake of meat and protein, doesn’t mean that they promote eating like an idiot.  Atkins does allow you to eat bacon, but the statement made by the person in that statement is one made by someone that doesn’t understand the low carb lifestyle or diet.  Read the books!


I guess I would have to say that fall more into the South Beach category, in that I prefer a diet with more vegetable and fruit intake because it’s true that we are omnivores and not carnivores.  I believe the most important thing though is as stated by others that above all, you need to find a diet that works for “you”.  You also need to get off your butt and exercise.


I have had cholesterol issues most of my adult life, been extremely over weight, and in January was told my numbers now put me into the diabetic category.  I had carotid artery surgery (75% blocked) at age 37 (now I’m 47), and a bypass to my left arm at the same time.  I have done low carb in the past but hadn’t stuck with it over the long haul.  I would lose the weight and go back to eating “processed junk” and lots of bread and pasta.  And low fat leaves me feeling hungry all the time.  Plus I didn’t do “regular exercise”


This time, as noted in previous entries in this blog, I took the approach that I would do things more slowly and change my lifestyle along with it.  My goal has been one pound a week weight loss.  Since January (lowered carb diet) I’ve lost 50 lbs., brought my glucose numbers back into the normal range, walk 3 miles a day, have added 10 minutes of upper body weight training each day now, and feel pretty darn good.  I still plan to loose another 35 – 40 lbs. too.  My cholesterol has become so low on medication, that it’s now time to find out how my body reacts without meds.


As of last week I have dropped my cholesterol meds to establish a new baseline (working with my doctor on this) and hope at least be able to drastically reduce my cholesterol meds (Crestor 40mg., Tricor 145mg., Niaspan 1000mg.) or eventually eliminate them entirely.

I believe whole-heartedly in low carb and it’s benefits and for me it works, but find out what works for you and stick with it!  Above all, get off your butt!  I’m having 4 slices of bacon and 2 eggs for breakfast on Saturday and looking forward to it!  Do yourself a favor and stop being ok with being overweight.  America really is fat and if you don’t believe that, just look around you sometime!  Be a thinner you just “one pound ago”!

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  2. Low Carb diet is really the best diet if you want to reduce weight and also to maintain a healthy body.*~~

  3. actually my sister is healthier now because of the Atkins Diet’.`

  4. the atkins diet is just about the right diet when you want to cut down body fat“.

  5. Congrats on losing 50lbs! that’s a lot

  6. Well, I do not know if that is going to work for me, however definitely proved helpful for you! :) Excellent post!

  7. Give it a try Mellissa, you might be pleasantly surprised. I’m going on 3 years and still doing fine on the diet and exercise program I’ve chosen. I can now even eat more things than I used to by maintaining a regular exercise program. I still eat smart and in the end that’s what matters :O) Good luck with whatever you try for yourself!

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